[Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers from the upcoming episodes of "Castle" Season 8]

“Castle” Season 8 returns with Episode 9 on Feb. 01. The new episode, titled “Tone Death,” will see Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) still acting as an estranged couple, though they reconciled in mid-season final episode of “Castle” Season 8, “Mr. & Mrs. Castle.”

Speaking about what Castle and Beckett are up to in the upcoming episodes of “Castle” Season 8, co-showrunner Terrence Paul Winter told Zap2it, “They’re basically keeping the face of their relationship as broken up, but in secret they will be staying together.”

“So they’ll be sneaking around and sleeping with each other, while fighting in public basically,” he added.

“Mr. & Mrs. Castle” saw Beckett telling Castle the real reason behind her decision to take relationship timeout, and she updated Castle on LOCKSAT mystery. But this does not mean that he will get involved and work with Beckett and Vikram Singh (Sunkrish Bala) to solve it. Winter told TV Line, “He is in the know and [Beckett] isn’t keeping anything from him, but there is nothing actionable yet for her to get him involved.”

“Castle” Cancellation Speculation

There is a big question mark on whether “Castle” will be renewed for Season 9 or not. There are speculations that the popular procedural drama series may get cancelled because of the sliding ratings. The fall finale of “Castle” Season 8, “Mr. & Mrs. Castle,” was seen by 6.7 million viewers, and it scored 1.1 rating, according to TV Line

There was similar cancellation apprehension earlier this year when regular cast members’ contracts were up for renewal, including Fillion and Katic’s contracts. Katic signed on her new contract after “Castle” Season 7 wrapped up, and ABC renewed the show a week before the actress confirmed her return.

Earlier this year in May, ABC’s boss Paul Lee said that he would like to see “Castle” go on “for many years to come,” but the decline in ratings may make him sing a new tune next year.

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