Cassandra Sainsbury
Cassandra Sainsbury, an Australian, is seen in handcuffs after she was arrested at the international airport in Bogota, Colombia, April 12, 2017. Picture Taken April 12, 2017. Colombian Police/Handout via Reuters

Cassandra Sainsbury reportedly worked as a prostitute at a brothel in western Sydney months before she was arrested in Colombia. The accused drug mule was apparently called “Claudia” at Club 220 Gentleman’s Club, a brothel in Penrith.

In an investigation, Nine News claims that the 22-year-old personal trainer worked at the brothel for months before she was arrested for carrying 5.8 kg of cocaine in Bogota. A former co-worker said Sainsbury’s profile described her as “19 years old, classy, fun and ready to please.”

Sainsbury was said to be working as a FIFO – fly in, fly out – worker who commuted from Adelaide to Sydney to work. A photo of a woman in red lingerie and whose face was cropped out from the shot was apparently the jailed Adelaide PT. “That one there is Cassandra, 100 percent,” the source said. “I know that outfit. I remember when she showed us, when she bought it. I have seen that photo.”

Sainsbury isn’t the “naïve, sweet little blonde girl” that she wants everyone to think of her as well, the source said. She is apparently a “compulsive liar” who once told her colleagues that her mother had died from MS. Sainsbury’s mother is alive and has even been acting as her champion since she was arrested on April 13.

A receptionist at the club would not confirm if Sainsbury did indeed work there. She only said that the establishment had a high turnover of staff.

Meanwhile, Sainsbury has changed her story since she was arrested. She initially claimed that she did not know that the individually wrapped headphones she bought from a man who acted as her interpreter had cocaine. That was the alibi she and her family had been sticking to ever since.

However, in a statement of claims she lodged with the NSW Supreme Court in a bid to put her into a witness protection program, she claimed she had “fallen victim to an international drug trafficking syndicate.” The syndicate apparently threatened her life and her family’s if she did not do as they said.

Sainsbury was arrested on April 13 at the El Dorado Airport in Bogota, just moment before she was due to fly back to Australia. US drug agents allegedly tipped off their Colombian counterparts after an unknown individual bought Sainsbury’s plane ticket in Hong Kong at the last minute. The move was apparently a red flag for authorities.

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