Carol Wozniacki-Rory McIlroy Breakup Rumours

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Carol Wozniacki and Rory McIlroy breakup rumours are currently circling over the Internet.

According to several reports, Wozniacki posted a picture on her Twitter account, showing McIlroy sleeping. His mouth wide open and he just looked dead beat. It was an unflattering and embarrassing picture, and if McIlroy is one person who is touchy and easily gets angered by jokes, then he would definitely get offended.

The Irish Independent newspaper initially reported the breakup news and even cited a source saying that McIlroy was very upset of the picture. "There were a lot of tears but I can tell you that the couple is no longer an item," the source told the Irish Independent.

It is sad if the couple has, indeed, broken up, right?  Well, don't be! The couple has already addressed the issue and dismissed the rumours. They are pretty much still together and they have no intention of parting ways, not just yet.

The 24-year-old professional golfer from Northern Ireland is currently competing in Seoul, Korea for a series of tournaments, while the former World No 1 in the WTA Tour is back on competition in Luxembourg.

"I am so tired of all the rumours," Wozniacki told Ekstra Bladet. "The breakup rumours occur every time that Rory and I are apart for a few days or if I do no post on Twitter," she added.

McIlroy, on the other hand, appears to be pissed as well about the circulating split rumours. "My private life is private and I intent to keep it that way," McIlroy said.

We most certainly feel for the couple. You do not want your romantic or personal relationships in the center of media speculations. However, being famous like themselves, it is really hard to steer away from the public.

Wozniacki and McIlroy began dating in 2011. Wozniacki often said that her relationship with McIlroy was built with mutual interests and the fact that they value and apreciate each other.

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