A new video of “Captain America: Civil War” show directors Anthony and Joe Russo talking about how the movie will have an impact on the overall storyline in the Marvel cinematic universe. Meanwhile, a new report confirms that Spider-Man will make an appearance in the movie.

The featurette video posted on YouTube shows the directors of the movie explaining the major elements of the movie. “We are looking at the repercussions of all of the Marvel movies up to this point,” Joe said in the video. Joe explained that the movie will “challenge” the way we think about some of the major characters like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers after the movie. “When you come out of that film...nothing will be the same,” Joe said.

The movie examines the response of the governments across the globe after the superheroes take it upon themselves to travel to any part of the globe where there is a threat. “Just because you can be first responders across the globe, doesn’t mean you should be,” Executive Producer Nate Moore said in the video, pointing out the thoughts of the governments of the world.

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) has an idea about how to deal with the situation, while Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) has another plan. “There’s this rift and we put their relationship in a balance,” Downey Jr. said in the video about his character’s relationship with Steve in “Captain America: Civil War.”

One character who is not a part of the war between the two superheroes is Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman). The character is being introduced in the movie for the first time and is also featured in the video.

Another major superhero character expected to make an appearance in the movie is Spider-Man. According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, the wall crawling superhero will be seen in at least one of the scenes in the movie. A stunt man wearing a Spider-Man was reportedly spotted on the set while filming a scene.

There is still no official confirmation that Spider-Man will be featured in “Captain America: Civil War.” Downey Jr. is said to have spilled the beans when he mentioned that the superhero will be a part of the movie.

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