“Captain America: Civil War” will be introducing a new character called Black Panther. Cast member Chadwick Boseman, who plays the new character, talked about what it was like to wear the costume and also talked about some of the other elements of the movie.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Boseman said that the Black Panther mask limited his vision, especially the peripheral vision, but he was able to “see enough” to film his scenes.

When asked about the fictional metal Vibranium, which is used to make the Black Panther suit in the mythology, the actor teased that the metal is able to change form and still retain its strength. Boseman said that although Vibranium is not liquid, it is “dynamic.” The actor felt that this aspect of the metal had “a lot of potential” in terms of the story telling.

As far as the actual Black Panther suit in “Captain America: Civil War” is concerned, Boseman said that the only thing that he enjoyed about the costume was the boots. The actor felt that the shoes were “very comfortable,” but that is the only aspect of the suit that he liked. Boseman felt hot and claustrophobic in the suit, which may have made it difficult for him to film his scenes.

Talking about the powers of the suit in the movie, Boseman said that the suit is not only strong and durable, but the one notable factor of the suit in the movie is its ability to “absorb” attacks. The other notable factor in the suit is that it comes with weapons, like the claws that come out of the fingers. The actor chose not to reveal any more details about the other powers of the suit.

The Black Panther suit will need to pack some punch in “Captain America: Civil War” as there is a scene where the character has to take on Steve Rogers, whose shield is made of Vibranium. Boseman refused to reveal who wins in a fight between the two superheroes.

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