Street Fighter V
Ibuki is coming with more than just kunais to "Street Fighter V" as its new fighter. Capcom

“Street Fighter V” has seen another release for its Ibuki character. In light of fans feeling frustrated after so much hype on playing the ninja-in-training character, Capcom has given word on its future plans for DLCs.

“We’ll be the first to admit that we can improve our communication with the community, in terms of where our priorities lie around the game and status updates. We plan to change that in the coming weeks and months and will work to quickly address topics that come up in the community as best we can,” said Capcom in the official blog.

Specifically, the developer pointed out three areas of improvement for “Street Fighter V.” Probably the biggest of these would be the expected Ibuki DLC character. Capcom has stated that it was supposed to be released on the last week of May. However, it was postponed for an entire month, with the new goal being the last week of June.

This update is not just for the addition of Ibuki as a character, but also the addition of the Cinematic Story Mode. It seems that the main issue with fans is the lack of update on the changes.

For succeeding “Street Fighter V” DLCs, the developer has already hinted that its focus for DLC releases would be quality more than anything else. It has also hinted that with this comes the possibility of delayed release.

There is some good news in the latest update. Players who have been facing off against rage quitters should already see some improvements. As much as 60 percent of rage quitters, those who disconnect matches, have been dealt with. Capcom is still looking at additional ways to help increase that percentage even more in the coming weeks.

Previously, a timeline for the “Street Fighter V” updates was released. NerdReactor features the timeline schedule for the DLCs. Here, the expected release for DLC character 3, which is Ibuki, was supposed to be released by May. The Cinematic Story Expansion is a standalone expansion for June.

Following the announcement, it appears that the monthly release of DLC from July to September may also be subject to change this time, depending on the creation of the DLCs.

"Street Fighter V" Ibuki (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)