Canada’s Toronto City Abuzz with Claims on UFO Sightings

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The north Toronto city on Saturday night had a UFO experience with the social media abuzz with speculations by people spotting strange, flashing lights over the city, reported Guardian LV.  North York residents tweeted that they saw colourful lights moving in sky at Yonge Street and Sheppard Avenue. The Toronto Police also confirmed having got calls from the public informing of pink, green and white lights in a single diagonal line.

Many theories

Theories abound on what these lights could have been. It ranged from Chinese lanterns, drones and kites with lights attached. Some people asserted it was nothing but UFOs. The guardian LV report quotes one Sarah Chun and her experience of sighting the UFO outside her window on July 26 while sitting at the dining table.

About six or seven huge bright lights caught her attention. Grabbing the iPad she went outside and took the video of it. Chun noticed a glowing object in another part of the sky. After capturing these lights, she uploaded the video on YouTube. It went viral and caught the attention of many. Many people asked her whether aliens exist or not.

Ufology Research

This is not the first time that Canada has generated such reports of UFO. The reports are so frequent that Canada has set up a group dedicated to research this phenomenon. Ufology Research in Winnipeg keeps track of the UFO sightings and prepares the report for people to see. The so called UFO sighting reports were 986 in 2011 and 1,981 in 2012.

Now there are scientists talking about the possibility of finding life outside the Earth in the near future. According to an astronomer from the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) extraterrestrial life is quite possible and it may be traced in another two decades or so as rapid advancements are taking place in its research.

Discoveries made by using Kepler planet-hunting telescope hint the possibility of extraterrestrial life becoming a near reality. Scientists using Kepler have confirmed that there may be at least five planets where life is a probability.

However, Chris Rutkowski of  Ufology Research has stated that a lot of scientists do not believe in UFOs. They think these sightings can be explained rationally. However, Ufology Research polls indicate that one out of 10 Canadians believe that UFO can be seen in their lifetime.

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