Canada Tops The List Of The Most "Admired" Countries

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IN PHOTO: A man runs with a Canadian flag in front of parade marshal William Shatner during the 102 Calgary Stampede parade in Calgary, Alberta, July 4, 2014. Shatner played Captain Kirk in the Hollywood Star Trek series. REUTERS/Todd Korol

In a recent survey by Reputation Institute that ranks countries according to their reputation, Canada, for the fourth time has in six years, bagged the top position yet again scoring 78.1 points. Last year, it lost to Switzerland and to Sweden in 2010, reported Huffington Post. The survey involved almost 48 thousand people across world’s largest countries (GDP ratio) held between February and March. An additional 30,000 people were also surveyed from countries like India, Brazil and China.

According to CBC news, the Head of Reputation Institute Brad Hecht told Forbes that Canada has always been a great place to live and also a great tourist place. Fernando Prado another member of the institute praised the country for its commendable record in terms of its effective government, appealing environment and advanced economy. However, he suggested that it should strive towards becoming a better contributor globally and have strong brands.

While Canadian Finance Minister Joe Oliver expressed his sheer joy publicly when the results had come out, others debated on the survey’s accuracy. Nearly 800 people have commented on a Reddit post about the report  since Wednesday, reported CBC .

The institute determined reputations based on three broad categories:

  • Effective government: Reported to be 36.9 percent. This considers whether the country could be considered safe and ethical along with progressive social and economic policies.
  • Appealing environment: Reported to be 36.1 percent. This considers whether friendly and welcoming people inhabit the country and how appealing their lifestyle is.
  • Advanced economy: Reported to be 27.1 percent. This considers whether a country has well-educated and reliable people and how well it delivers quality services and products.

According to the survey, the second-place is bagged by Norway, which had 77.1, and the third is Sweden, which had 76.6. In case of its economy, Canada came fifth in the list trailing Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden and fourth in case of an effective government. Meanwhile, both Montreal and Vancouver made their way to the top 10.

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