A Gamer Plays 'Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare' On An Xbox One
IN PHOTO: A gamer plays "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" on an Xbox One console during the Xbox Play Day 2014, before the Gamescom 2014 fair in Cologne August 12, 2014. The Gamescom convention, Europe's largest video games trade fair, is opened to the public from August 14 to 17. Reuters/Wolfgang Rattay

It's pretty much impossible to hide anything from the ever-resourceful gamers. As Kotaku reports, the developers of the wildly popular video game "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" found out the hard way after users discovered a brand new weapon hidden inside the game. The discovery can be credited to users Jake, Riles, and DBenitez87 from YouTube user AchievementHunter.com.

The fact that the weapon is named WEAPON_RPG should give you a clue that this is more of a glitch than an Easter egg deliberately left behind by the developers. Another clue would be how the weapon is completely anachronistic. The host of high-tech weaponry at your disposal in this game ranges from laser and plasma guns, to ones that 3D print ammunition when you're running empty. The hidden weapon neither makes any sound when fired, nor does it inflict much damage. That's quite disappointing because its real life equivalent is designed to take out armoured vehicles.

The most plausible explanation for its existence would be someone at Sledgehammer Games simply forgetting to delete the weapon from the game code. It's not uncommon for developers to use assets from prior games, as stated in the offical Call of Duty information page developed for the same engine for the testing purposes. In all likelihood, this was a remnant from an earlier "Call of Duty" game that wasn't supposed to make it into the retail version.

To add the weapon to your arsenal in the latest "Call of Duty" instalment, you'll have to head over to the thirteenth mission going by the name "Throttle." Refer to the video embedded below and navigate to the far off building in the map. Reach the very top by using the grappling tool to scale up the structure. Just around the corner you'll find the hidden weapon eerily floating around in mid-air. Weapon enthusiasts will recognise it as the infamous RPG-7. Originally unveiled by the Russians in the '60s, this Cold War relic has since been co-opted by terrorists across the world. Even if you aren't a gun nut, you might recognise this as the "bazooka" that downed the infamous Black Hawk helicopter in the film adaptation (Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down) of the ill-fated Battle of Mogadishu, according to PBS.org, where a number of US soldiers lost their lives.

However, that isn't the only hidden content you'll find in "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare." If yo want to try out the much-loved "Zombies" mode without paying for the DLC, there's an Easter egg that lets you do just that.

As the good folks at PC Gamer point out, getting to the hidden mode involves unlocking all three tiers, which amounts to beating a combination of 50, 75, and 100 rounds in co-op survival mode. The Zombie Bonus Round appears after surviving for another ten rounds in the tier 4 map dubbed Riot. Your reward will appear in the eleventh round in the form of a zombie horde and a cool cutscene. I guess, now would be a good time to try out the RPG-7 on some zombies in "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare."

Secret RPG Easter Egg (Credit: Achievement Hunter Community YouTube channel)