Bungie has now clarified that players can look forward to more from “Destiny” for 2016. “Destiny" Community Manager Eric Osborne confirmed that there are several updates planned for “Destiny” far bigger than anything fans have seen since the release of “Destiny: The Taken King" and more updates will be coming throughout the year.

Osborne affirmed in Bungie’s latest community update that the developers will add new activities, content, events and features to “Destiny.” The planned update for “Destiny” will bring add more features to the activity select menu termed as ‘Director’ in the game. According to Osborne, fans can expect these updates to arrive next year.

The developer revealed that the players can expect an update debuting first, around the Festival of the Lost in 2016. This could mean that a repeat of the Festival of the Lost may be happening in 2016. The event was hosted for “Destiny: The Taken King” players for a limited time wherein players were able to get new Consumable items, Quests, themed Gears and new Eververse. This year, the event took place between Oct. 26 to Nov. 10 and all the festival-themed items and activities were available during the event.

With “Destiny: The Taken King” update, it has become very clear that there will be several modifications in weapons. According to the notes, modifications in the shotguns, handguns, pulse rifle and auto rifles are significant.

“Hey. 2016 is gonna be great. We're working on stuff. Fun stuff, that's still in development. SRL is live today, though! We hope you dig it!” Osborne stated via Twitter.

Fans should look forward to changes in the world and sandbox inside the game by next year. While the majority of things Osborne talked about focused on planning for “Destiny,” he also talked about the current event Sparrow Racing League for “Destiny.” Bungie has assured fans that the team is always looking at comments, feedback and discussions about “Destiny,” especially with the newly-released Sparrow Racing League.

During the December update, Bungie messed up the patch notes and it sparked outrage among “Destiny” players. In the newest update, Jon Weisnewski, senior designer for Destiny, apologized for players’ disappointment and explained how this unfortunate miscommunication took place.

The developer suggested that they’ll be working on a "significant update" for world and sandbox versions. As a result, the gameplay balance will be optimised. Many hope that the future patch will be accurate.

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Official Destiny: The Taken King Live Action Trailer (Credit: YouTube/DestinyGame)