Bull star Michael Weatherly RTS17JPA
Actor Michael Weatherly from the TV series " Bull " attends the 57th Monte-Carlo Television Festival in Monaco, June 18, 2017. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

“Bull” season 2 will be on a break this week. Episode 21 will not be airing on April 24 in the US, but the fans don’t have to wait too long as the air date for the episode is next week.

The title of the next episode is “Reckless,” and it will air on May 1st. There are just two more episodes left on the season, so the fans will have to bear with a little bit of suspense that comes with a break.

Episode 20 was on a very sensitive subject. The plot focussed on a woman who was a victim of domestic abuse, and she killed her husband while he slept. The case was not something that Jason (Michael Weatherly) was supposed to take up earnestly, but things changed as soon as he took one look at the accused.

Jason went to the hospital to assist the lawyer defending the case, but once he found out what it was, and the fact that the lawyer defending the case was out of his dept; he decided to take a keen interest in the case.

It was only later in the episode that the fans found out the more personal reason for Jason to take this case. He couldn’t save a woman from domestic abuse in the past, and now he had the power to make sure that this accused can walk free for taking a step to save her life.

It was a challenging case because the prosecution nearly had a majority of the jurors convinced that killing a man in his sleep should result in some punishment. However, Jason’s gamble of all or nothing worked, and the accused walked free.

Episode 21 will bring yet another interesting case for Jason to solve. The new case will also be very personal, and this will push the team to the limit.