Anthony Morgan, also known as Anthony Murphy, in this mugshot released by Merseyside Police
Anthony Morgan, also known as Anthony Murphy, in this mugshot released by Merseyside Police Twitter/merseypolice

A toddler who had been repeatedly raped by a paedophile now barricades herself in her room with her toys, a court has heard. The traumatised child suffered abuse from age three from the hands of UK paedophile Anthony Morgan, who is already serving jail sentence for raping a girl of six.

Morgan was jailed for 16 years in March 2017 for repeatedly raping a child when she was six years old and onwards. He was also handed an extended four years on license for the “campaign of rape.”

Last week, Morgan, 42, was sent back to court to answer another complaint, this time for eight counts of rape against a girl from when she was just three years old. Prosecutor Robert Jones said that it was clear the girl had been abused for a long time, based on her behaviour.

“She would try and barricade her bedroom door with toys,” he said. “She became very upset on a number of occasions.”

Jones added that the traumatised child was left frightened of people touching her. She became “extremely upset with tears pouring down her face” on one day and said that “things were bad inside her head.” She would often throw up after the attacks, but she appeared that she “did not know what was going on.”

Morgan, who also went by the name Anthony Murphy, admitted the abuse to the police, saying he would give the girl sweets and warn her not to tell anyone. He said he felt bad about his actions, but he blamed his urges for it.

He previously admitted to eight counts of rape and one count of attempted rape against the first girl. He raped her on at least 225 occasions, offering her ice cream and other sweets in exchange for sex, Liverpool Echo reports. He warned her to keep quiet. The girl thought nobody would believe her, but she did eventually tell an adult what had happened. She told the court that the abuses had left her with severe psychological trauma.

On Friday, Judge Andrew Menary, QC, sentenced him to 18 and a half years, with an extended six years on licence, for raping the second child. Morgan will serve at least two-thirds of his sentence in jail and can be paroled early only if the board deemed it safe. He will be listed on the Sex Offenders Register and comply with a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for life.

“What you did to this victim has effectively ruined her life. It’s highly unlikely she will now enjoy normal, healthy child relationships,” the judge told him. “Any adult relationship for her will be challenging, particularly intimate relationships, which she is bound to find very difficult indeed. What this means is you have devastated the lives now of two children.”