Male Contraception
Employees work on the production line at the Taiwan Fuji Latex Condoms Discovery Center in New Taipei City July 24, 2013. Reuters/Pichi Chuang

A new study has claimed that a condomless and reversible male contraception will be available from 2018. The reversible birth-control injection for men, known as Vasalgel, provides durable and rapid contraception with a single injection.

Executive director of the Parsemus Foundation, Elaine Lissner, is elated for the injection’s overwhelming success. The US-based not-for-profit company Parsemus is responsible for developing the drug. The exciting part about the hormone-free Vasalgel is that its effect is completely reversible. Scientists flushed out the gel from seven of the 12 rabbits injected and saw a rapid return of sperm flow.

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The only step left is human trials that are slated to launch later this year. Lissner is extremely hopeful that the drug will be equally successful in humans and the trials will take only six months to complete. This means, men will be able to use the drug from 2018 at the most. Physicians need to be trained before they go on with the procedure so similar to vasectomy.

Previously, Vasalgel had problems with funding as developing a birth control procedure is extremely expensive. Lissner says funding is still an issue.

“We are set to move forward for six months to a year, but then the numbers get really big for the clinical trials,” said Lissner.

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The success of the study is a relief for numerous men all around the globe who find condoms a turn off during sex. Men will have to wait till 2018, and once launched, Vasalgel will be a dream-come-true for many.

Vasalgel will be able to provide male contraception at least for 12 months. The drug works by blocking the vas deferens, the tube through which sperm travels down. It does so with a spongy, flexible and hydrogel material. All important body fluids can get through the gel except sperm. Therefore, there is apparently no chance of pregnancy if Vasalgel is used.