Attorney-General George Brandis had said a re-elected Turnbull government would hold its promised plebiscite on same-sex marriage this year. Creative Commons 2.0/CeBIT Australia

After Attorney-General George Brandis denied that there was a deal between WA government and him in reference to the Bell Group scandal, senator Murray Watt from the opposition compared him to pop singer Britney Spears recently.

Watt told the reporters in Canberra, “I don’t know how many times Senator Brandis is going to be given second chances by this prime minister.” He added, “He really seems to get more second chances than Britney Spears has ever had and we know what happened to her.”

The Labor party had earlier demanded the sacking of Brandis from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

The opposition as well the Greens are most likely to call for an inquiry. Senator Watt is confident that they will have the numbers in their favour. While three One Nation senators may go against the decision, West Australia’s Rod Culleton, Derryn Hinch along with the Greens are expected to support it. Furthermore, discussions are going on with Liberal Democrats senator David Leyonhjelm. Hence, it is expected that Labor will pursue an inquiry into Brandis’ involvement in the matter.

Referring to Barndis’ statement on the matter, Watt further said that the senator is doing nothing but pointing finger at himself. Brandis in his statement to parliament on Monday said that there was no agreement and letters between former federal treasurer Joe Hockey and his WA counterpart. He also stated that he had no knowledge of the discussions between the two treasurers until March this year.

Shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus said in a statement that Senator Brandis has failed to explain his role in the discussions involved with former solicitor general Justin Gleeson. On the other side, Labor frontbencher Penny Wong slammed Brandis and said, “He throws Joe Hockey under a bus, how convenient.”