Muhammad Ali
Mayweather accompanied the tribute with a photo of Ali during his younger day posing in front of a cash vault with a pile of cash. Facebook/Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Celebrities, led by boxers Floyd Mayweather Jr, paid tribute to boxing great Muhammad Ali who died on Friday evening, June 3. The former Heavyweight champion died at the age of 74 from respiratory issues that are complications of his Parkinson’s disease which was diagnosed in the 1980s.

Recently retired boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. wrote in a Facebook post, “Today my heart goes out to a pioneer, a true legend, and a hero by all means! Not a day went by entering the gym that I didn't think of you. Your charisma, your charm and above all, your class are all of the elements that will be greatly missed by myself and the world. You are someone that inspired me greatly throughout my boxing journey and words cannot express how great you were as a person! Thank you for everything you've done for Black America, in the world of sports & entertainment and for the legacy you leave behind! My sincerest condolences to the Ali family!”

Besides being great black boxers, Mayweather and Ali have something else in common. They love posing with bundles of cash from the earnings. Mayweather accompanied the tribute with a photo of Ali during his younger day posing in front of a cash vault with a pile of cash.

When news of Ali’s being on the brink of death hit media, retired Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao also posted on his Facebook page, “Please keep Muhammad Ali in your thoughts and prayers. With God, all things are possible.”

Thrilla in Manila
Muhammad Ali beats Joe Frazier in the epic "Thrilla in Manila" match on Oct 1, 1975. Facebook/Manny Pacquiao

Upon Ali's death, Pacquiao posted, "We lost a giant today. Boxing benefitted from Muhammad Ali's talents but not but not as nearly as mankind benefitted from his humanity. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Ali family. May God bless them."

Amir Khan tweeted, “Our prayers and thoughts are with @MuhammadAli and his family. Frank Bruno calls Ali his inspiration, mentor, friend, Earthly God of humanity and simply the greatest. Oscar de la Hoya called him “a legend who transcended sport and was a true champion for all.” Gennady Golovkin also called Ali “The Greatest. In boxing and in life, an inspiration to mankind,” quotes TVNZ.

Born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. on Jan 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky, he converted later to Islam and changed his name to Muhammad Ali on March 6, 1964.

Thrilla in Manila Poster
The poster for "Thrilla in Manila," the third and final match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier for the Heavyweight Championship of the World title which Ali won. Pinterest