Writer Bradley Bell accepts the award for Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team for "The Bold and the Beautiful" at the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in Burbank, California April 26, 2015. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

There are rumours that “The Bold and the Beautiful” ("B&B") is set to shoot in Australia soon. The cast is also said to film in Europe afterwards.

MSN reports that the long-running TV soap opera is discussing with Qantas to bring the series to Australia. The recent news surfaced after “Modern Family” and “Ellen” successfully promoted Australia to American viewers. A CBS spokesperson said that the show will shoot in Australia, although the definite period is not yet certain. The show producers also said that they are not certain yet how long the show will be staying in Australia. The storyline will determine the duration of their stay.

“We are going to Australia that’s for sure. We are just not sure when. We will send a location scout and write the story about the destination,” the CBS representative said.

The spokesperson added that they are aiming for iconic, interesting, historic authentic locations in Australia. Additionally, the show producers are also considering shooting in other parts of Europe like Poland, Budapest and Flemish Belgium. At present, they are only certain of Australia. There is a possibility that the Australian shoot will commence in 2017.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” is produced by the CBS network in the United States and has around 4 million daily American viewers. The soap airs in over 100 countries with a global audience totaling about 30 million. The show started in 1987. If the Australia plans are realised, one episode may feature a 30th anniversary special.

Soap Central notes that, in the past, “The Bold and the Beautiful” has filmed in other countries, such as the Netherlands, France, Italy and the United Arab Emirates.

According to the Herald Sun, the soap has also cast an Australian actress, Ashleigh Brewer, who plays Ivy. The actress shared that she wanted to maintain her Australian accent but had to ease on it sometimes for her role. She also shared that she is settled in Melbourne but also enjoys working in the US. The show currently airs weekdays in the US on CBS and in Australia on Channel Ten.

More updates and details on “The Bold and the Beautiful” are expected soon.