‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ spoilers for Oct. 17: Katie and Bill meet for the first time after their bitter divorce; Ridge is compelled to stop Brooke’s wedding

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Don Diamont and Heather Tom
"The Bold and the Beautiful" stars Don Diamont and Heather Tom pose together for a photo during a party. Instagram/bbheathertom

Outside forces that complicate relationships seem to be the central theme of upcoming episode of “The Bold and Beautiful” (“B&B”). On Monday, fans of the long-running soap are excited to see Katie’s (Heather Tom) return as she comes face to face with Bill (Don Diamont). This is the first time that the ex-couple sees each other following their tumultuous separation. Spoilers suggest that Katie is feeling triumphant when she finds out Bill still hasn’t married her sister.

Speaking of his wedding with Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) is being pressured by their son to make sure it won’t happen. Other “The Bold and the Beautiful” cast members who will appear on the Oct. 17 installment include RJ (Anthony Turpel), Zende (Rome Flynn), Nicole (Reign Edwards), Rick (Jacob Young) and Maya (Karla Mosey).

Spoiler Alert! This article contains "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers. Read only if you want to know more about it. 

TV Guide reports that on Monday’s episode of “B&B,” Bill and Katie have their first encounter for the first time since their divorce. Meanwhile, RJ urges Ridge to put a stop to Brooke’s upcoming wedding. The show’s official YouTube channel posted a preview video for the Oct. 17 episode [watch below]. It features multiple scenes with Bill, Brooke, RJ, Ridge, Rick, Nicole and Katie.

On the first scene, Bill wonders to Brooke, “Since when did we start our kids tell us what to do?” RJ figures in the trailer as he asks a request from Ridge. “You’re a designer, right? Then design your life. Put our family back together,” RJ orders his dad. Meanwhile, Rick tells Nicole, “I can only imagine how it would feel to be able to give her a biological brother or sister.” Katie wraps the trailer as she mocks Bill about his current status. “Here you are not married,” she says.

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"The Bold and the Beautiful" recap

In the previous episode, Steffy revealed to Liam that she and Wyatt have ended their relationship. She said that she needs Quinn out of her life, and it means having Wyatt out of her radar, too. Liam embraced her and reassured her that he knew they would end up that way. “We made it, Steffy,” he said and they kissed. Meanwhile, things were not going as smoothly at first between Zende and Nicole. He can’t believe that Nicole’s actually considering saying yes to Rick and Maya’s request to give them another baby. Zende reckoned that she already gave them the ultimate gift – they can’t ask for it again. He told her she has to turn them down and Nicole replied that she’ll tell them she can’t do it. The two ended up kissing.

Click here to watch some episode previews from the official YouTube channel of “B&B.” Find out what happens next on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” which airs in the US from Monday to Friday on CBS. It also airs on Channel Ten in Australia.

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