The Block NZ Jamie and Hayden
Jamie and Hayden at the Breakers Basketball game. Facebook/Jamie and Hayden

Jamie Johns and Hayden Campbell, who participated on “The Block NZ,” have called it quits. In fact, they did so right after the filming for the reality show completed. The couple competed on “The Block NZ: Villa Wars” last year.

According to Woman’s Day, the two, who came to be known as the fearless and feisty Orange Team, were a picture-perfect couple. They were totally smitten with one another and happily engaged. In fact, the two were extremely excited about their upcoming nuptials in Rarotonga.

Even though the show is known to be taxing for couples, nothing was tougher than realising they were not compatible and were better off as friends. Their 10-week stint at “The Block NZ” made them realise the hard fact, even after being in the relationship for six years.

“Before The Block, we were a love-drunk engaged couple ready to take over the world, but the show took some of the intoxication away. With all those challenges we started to learn the very complicated nuts and bolts about each other,” said Campbell.

Apparently, the two were each other’s support system during the tough times in “The Block NZ.” However, they grew closer as friends and not as a couple. The two remain close friends and there was no drama during breakup. They are also running a business together, specialising in social media.

The two have given up their North Shore rental together. Johns admitted that the first few days post breakup were tough.

“You spend all your time with someone, then suddenly that person isn't around anymore ... Something just changed between us, but change can be a good thing,” Johns said.

In 2014, Campbell proposed to Johns in Rarotonga after dating for four years. The two had met in an Auckland nightclub, writes New Zealand Herald.

In “The Block NZ: Villa Wars,” the two sold off their renovated Sandringham home for NZ$1,335,000 (AU$1,223,268) and made a profit of NZ$160,000 (AU$146,608).