Currently playing Kurt Weller in “Blindspot,” Sullivan Stapleton recently revealed why he has a tattoo on his arm. In the NBC hit drama series, his character’s name is inked on the back of the lead character played by Jaimie Alexander.

In 2010, Stapleton played Craig Cody in the crime drama film “Animal Kingdom,” which was written and directed by David Michod. The character has a tattoo on his arm.

In an interview with People, Stapleton shared that he told Michod that if “Animal Kingdom” did well, he would actually get a tattoo on his arm like that of his character in the film. In the 2010 Sundance Film Festival selection, the film did well so the Aussie actor got the tattoo.

Stapleton explained that the tattoo on his arm shows the Thai words for “Animal Kingdom.” As a Buddhist belief, the words mean, “We’re all equal,” in Thai, the actor revealed.

For Stapleton, the tattoo is a tribute to one successful moment of his acting career. The Australian actor said he is not getting “Blindspot” tattoos anytime soon but he is currently enjoying the success of the NBC hit drama series.

According to Stapleton, he did not realize how much people would love “Blindspot.” For him, it is a great feeling to see people enjoying the NBC show as much as they enjoy making it.

Before starring in “Blindspot” opposite Alexander, Stapleton played Sgt. Damien Scott in the TV series “Strike Back.” He also played Greek leader Themistokles in the 2014 film “300: Rise of an Empire.”

Meanwhile, Alexander was reportedly the reason why several people were fired from the Brooklyn set of “Blindspot.” A source told Page Six that the actress is a perfectionist “who complains constantly, and is such a nightmare that the producers will do almost anything to stop the torture.”

However, Alexander’s spokesman told the publication that no “Blindspot” cast member is able to decide who is on the set. The spokesman added that Alexander is “not even first on the call list.”

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