Almost five years after his lead role in the Australian film “Animal Kingdom,” Sullivan Stapleton landed his role as FBI agent Kurt Weller in the NBC series “Blindspot.” Recently, he shared his thoughts about the critics who do not like his acting.

Stapleton revealed that he read a review saying that he was an awful actor. The Australian actor admitted that after reading the negative review on his acting, he got affected for a while.

“Then I thought, you know mate, just change the channel,” quoted Stapleton as saying. “Or wait until one of the other actors come on and watch them.”

For Stapleton, people like “Blindspot,” and that is all that matters. He added that it is the fans who keep him as an actor in a job and not “some guy writing a review.”

For his role as FBI agent Kurt Weller in “Blindspot,” Stapleton relocated from Australia to New York. Considering the long hours on the first season of the NBC series with 22 episodes, he said that the schedule is “a killer” and it is “never-ending.”

Meanwhile, Stapleton pointed out that as a working actor, a busy schedule is not something he should be complaining about. He also acknowledged that it was “Animal Kingdom” that launched his career in Hollywood as it opened many doors for him. He said he owes so much to the director of the film, David Michod. He also shared that the film is so important to him that he had its title written in Thai tattooed on his right arm.

Meanwhile, “Blindspot” creator Martin Gero recently talked about the relationship status of Stapleton’s character in the NBC series. He told Variety that FBI agent Kurt Weller has been neither engaged nor married.

Gero said Allison (Trieste Kelly Dunn) was the last big relationship Stapleton’s character had. The “Blindspot” creator added that the FBI agent’s baggage has more to do with Taylor, his childhood friend who mysteriously disappeared 25 years ago, than with his former girlfriends.

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