BlackBerry Chief Executive John Chen Holds Up The Unreleased Blackberry Passport
BlackBerry Chief Executive John Chen holds up the unreleased Blackberry Passport device during the company's annual general meeting for shareholders in Waterloo June 19, 2014. Reuters/Mark Blinch

BlackBerry's official blog has published a guest writer's view on the BlackBerry Passport. This hilarious post starts by saying "I learned that there are 11 hurdles one has to get over before they can fall madly in love with the Passport."This post was written by Jim Opfer, a Silicon Valley-based engineer and advisor. In the post, Jim has listed down 11 things/myths that were considered as negative points. However, at the end, the negative points turn out to be the unique strengths of BlackBerry Passport.

Jim has admitted in the post that he is an ardent BlackBerry fan and that he has been using the Z30 for a long time. Say for instance, Jim bursts the myth of phones should not come with physical keyboards anymore and only laptops should feature trackpad; by saying, the 2-in-1 Passport has both. In addition, Jim points out the fact that, despite being a sturdy phone that can handle intense drops and accidental falls, the handset looks "beautiful and sexy."

And at last, for the myth that a phone should not come with a lock screen feature that is, in theory, more secure than the Apple iPhone's Fingerprint scanner. He rightly points out the recent news of a 7-year-old boy who used his sleeping dad's finger to unlock the iPhone. Notably, the BlackBerry Passport provides "Picture Password Unlock" feature. In specific, users can drag a selected number from 0 to 9 over a specific location on a picture of the users' choice to set a password. Jim says, his 11-year-old son has watched him use the picture password umpteen times. But then, he has not figured the password as yet. Also it is worth noting that, failing to provide correct password for more than 10 times, will give way to the Passport erasing the entire content of the device. Here is the list of 11 myths as pointed out by Jim:

1. A phone should not have a square or wide display.

2. A phone should not come with physical QWERTY keyboard anymore.

3. Trackpads are meant for laptops and not phones.

4. The business-oriented BlackBerry handset should not come with too many applications or games, but the Passport has access to Amazon app store.

5. A phone is not supposed to have all notifications and messages in one app, however the Passport does.

6. A phone with a rugged construction cannot look beautiful or sexy.

7. Again as an enterprise-focused handset, BlackBerry's camera should not be as good as an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy's camera unit.

8. A phone need not house more than 16 GB or 32 GB of internal memory.

9. It is not possible for a phone to support heavy usage all day long, without looking for a re-charge.

10. As a business-centric device, BlackBerry Passport isn't supposed to feature a voice assistant, which is as good as Apple Siri.

11. A phone should not feature a lock screen, which is more secure than the iPhone's Fingerprint sensor.

He concludes by saying "Once you work wide, you'll never go back."He further adds that, after playing around with the BlackBerry Passport for three hours, he felt his Z30 is too narrow. In order to read the full response to all the 11 aforesaid myths, head straight to BlackBerry's official blog.

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