'Black Sails'
(L to R) Actors Luke Arnold, Hannah New, Clara Paget, Zach McGowan and Toby Stephens pose during a photocall for the television series "Black Sails" during the annual MIPCOM television programme market in Cannes, southeastern France, October 7, 2013. The International film and programme market for TV, video, cable and satellite (MIPCOM) opens from October 7 to October 10 on the French Riviera. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

Flint will become a more ruthless pirate captain in “Black Sails” Season 3. A new video released by Starz shows the character making a point in one of the scenes from the next season.

[Spoiler alert]

The new video titled “boss” shows that the worst person to be working for in the world is a pirate captain. “Think your boss is mean?” the text in the video asks. “Try working for a pirate,” the video teases before showing a small clip from the next season of the show.

The scene shows one of the crew members kneeling in front of Captain Flint (Toby Stephens). Flint prepares to load his pistol, while the horrified crew member can only manage to say “no.” John Silver (Luke Arnold), Billy Bones (Tom Hopper) and the other pirates look on while Flint shoots the kneeling man.

“Does everyone understand,” Flint asks the crew members after shooting. “Black Sails” Season 3 promises a lot more action, compared to the previous seasons. The pirates in Nassau will now have to prepare to go to war with the British after the events in the previous season.

A previously released trailer of the next season shows Flint preparing to go to war. One of the scenes shows Charles Vance (Zach McGowan) telling Flint that he can’t win. It is still unclear if Vane and Flint will be fighting the British together.

The new season will be introducing the infamous pirate character Blackbeard (Ray Stevenson). The character appears to be standing against Flint in the next season and the two characters are seen having a tense meeting in one of the scenes in the trailer.

“Either you are unkillable... or way over due,” Blackbeard tells Flint in the scene. “Black Sails” Season 3 is set to premiere on Jan. 24.

Source – YouTube/ Starz

Source – YouTube/ Starz