'Black Lightning'
A poster of the TV series "Black Lightning." Black Lightning/ Facebook

A teaser for the new TV series “Black Lightning” along with the synopsis has been released online. The video shows the superhero punching the villains and using his superpowers.

The teaser (see below) focuses on Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams), the show's protagonist. According to the synopsis, the character is “wrestling with a secret.” It has been nine years since he was gifted with the ability to control lightning, which he used at that time to protect his hometown as a masked vigilante.

Jefferson left his work as a vigilante a long time ago because he was risking his life and family every time he put on the mask. Now, after nearly a decade, crime and corruption are spreading like wildfire. So the superhero returns to save not only his family but also the soul of his community.

While this may be a good addition to the list of superheroes on The CW, the Black Lightning will not be sharing screentime with other superheroes, according to Screen Rant. The report notes that not being a part of the Arrowverse will give the new show the room it needs to grow on its own. It’s normal practice to get a popular and more established character to excite viewers about a new show, but this TV series will not be taking that route.

Some of the cast members include Gregg Henry (Martin Proctor), Skye P. Marshall (Ms Kara Fowdy), William Catlett (Lala), China Anne McClain (Jennifer Pierce) and Nafessa Williams (Anissa Pierce).

The first season of “Black Lightning” TV series will premiere on Jan. 16. The title of the first episode is “The Resurrection.” There are a total of 13 episodes to watch this year.

Credit: The CW Television Network