Nintendo Entertainment System
The NES Classic Edition has been the hottest console for the past few days, but the device will be available in Australia by Nov. 25. YouTube/Nintendo

The NES Classic Edition has arguably been the hottest console to hit the market in recent weeks, as it has been sold out through most platforms since the minutes following its release. However, the unit will start selling again on Friday at 4PM for Australian buyers.

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The Black Friday deal is coming from Catch Of The Day and works via a pre-order setup. Interested buyers will be able to place their orders for the highly sought after console for just $99.99, which is the standard retail price. And while the pricing does not necessarily fit into the standard discounted deals, the benefit -- at this point -- is getting hands on the NES Classic Edition at all.

However, those who wish to partake in the deal will need to have a Catch Club membership before the sale begins. Click here to start a free 30-day membership trial, which will require inputting credit card details. For individuals that do not want to keep the membership going and avail of future deals, however, it can easily be revoked. Meanwhile, the console itself will go on sale on Friday at 4PM AEST. Click here to get to the page.

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It is unknown how many orders Catch Of The Day can actually take, but it probably is not as many as gamers would like. Nintendo itself has admitted that few units were produced the first time around, but the company is working on getting more stock out to the public before the holidays hit. Nostalgic gamers will therefore have more chances to obtain the NES Classic Edition.

In particular, various reports have indicated that Target is expecting a new shipment sometime in the first few days of December. However, this shipment is likely to be minimal as well. As such, individuals will need to wait until Nintendo makes the official announcement that the NES Classic Edition is back in stock.