American Actor Bill Cosby
IN PHOTO: A new lawsuit has been filed against Bill Cosby. REUTERS/Eric Thayer

Bill Cosby might get into deep trouble this time as recent updates reveal that a Las Vegas model, Chloe Goins, has met with the authorities to file a report against the comedian, which could eventually lead to a criminal charge.

New York Daily reported that the 24-year-old model claimed that the famous comedian drugged and sexually abused her in 2008 at a party held in the Playboy mansion. Although Goins has not yet released any official statement, her lawyer, Spencer Kuvin, has addressed the reporters after the meeting with the LAPD.

Kuvin did not reveal much information, but declared that his client's case is within the California's statute of limitations. "Ms. Goins is potentially the first victim to come forward now who we believe is within the California statute of limitations to bring criminal charges," announced the model's attorney.

"She was at the Playboy mansion, she was drugged, she doesn't know what happened. She blacked out and woke up finding Mr. Cosby over her as she was in a state of complete undress at the time," told Kuvin.

Although Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman Rosario Herrera declared that the department does not comment on sexual assault cases beforehand, Kuvin revealed that the police will investigate on the allegations raised.

BBC reported that the alleged victim is scared and nervous, as she fears that her past will be investigated unnecessarily. It was reported earlier that Cosby has hired a team of detectives to dig up dirt on his accusers to raise doubts regarding their credibility. The model is also reportedly concerned as she understands the significance of her case, as none of the other 20 women can file any charge against the 77-year-old comedian due to the statute of limitations.

Cosby has been facing huge backlash after some 20 women, including former model Beverly Johnson, came forward to accuse him of drugging and sexual assault. Although he is not charged in any of the cases yet, the outrage has badly affected his career and fatherly image.

During his recent three-stop tour in Canada, Cosby was heckled by a group of women. The protesters raised slogans, and was later joined by other protesters outside the venue.

Meanwhile, Cosby's scheduled performance in Massachusetts next month was called off due to low ticket sales. The controversies surrounding the comedian as well as the string of protests expected to happen outside the venue forced the promoters of the show to cancel and refund the tickets instead.

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