Big Brother Australia: Drully Split; Tully Claims Break-Up With Drew But Tim Thinks It’s All For Money

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“Big Brother Australia” ex-housemates Drew and Tully have split, but Tim isn’t convinced. The season 10 winner thinks that the controversial duo are only pretending that they’re not together anymore for the money.

Anthony Drew and Tully Smyth attracted social media hullaballoo when they became an item in the house even though Tully still had a girlfriend outside. Unbeknown to her, Tahlia Farrant publicly declared that she broke up with her after watching Drully’s – Drew and Tully – smoochfest on television.

Both garnered negative attention as viewers expressed their disgust over their relationship. They kept denying that they were romantically involved in the house, but they were openly affectionate with each other.

Drully continued their relationship outside the house, taking advantage of their negative publicity by basking in the attention that they got from peeved viewers.

But many fans didn’t think they were going to last long. After all, Drew only transferred his attention to Tully when Italian-Australian beauty Jade Pietrantonio made it clear that she only saw Drew as a friend. And considering the circumstances of how Drully came to be, it’s not surprising if they part ways soon.

And they did, or at least that’s what Tully said in an interview with OK! Magazine Australia.

“We’re not together,” the 26-year-old Tully admitted to the magazine. “It was a lot of pressure living in different states, and the regular couples’ issues seemed to be magnified being out of the house.”

She said that it was a mutual decision that they both instigated, partly blaming their break-up with catching up with reality after their time in the famous house.

“Getting back into your own reality and catching up with friends who don’t really understand what’s just happened; you feel a bit lost figuring out where you’re going career-wise, and everyone thinks we’re rolling in cash but we’re actually all broke. Drew and I were both trying to deal with those issues at the same time and we were taking it out on each other.”

Despite their break-up, Tully said they’re still the “best of friends.”

But was their split just a ploy to make people care about them again? As the blog Social Observant noted, Druly have been using every second of their “15 minutes” to sell themselves to people, even selling $350 photos of them “slobbering all over each other.”

It’s a common celebrity tactic, to accept freebies in exchange for publicity, but if all Drew and Tully do is pose, be pretty, and sell story for the camera, then their relationship wouldn’t have much to go on.

That’s why the news of their break-up didn’t really surprise anyone.

But have they really split for good?

Tim Dormer, the winner of the 2013 season of the house, thinks that they are just faking their break-up to get people talking about them again. When someone asked him about Drew’s current relationship status with Tully, Tim was surprised.

If Tim, Drew’s best friend in the house, was surprised the two have split, there’s a good chance that the break-up was a sham. That’s not a far-fetched thought as well. After all, Tully needs to talk about something in the interview, and people are only interested in her and Drew’s relationship or lack of it.

Speaking of Tim, the 29-year-old radio DJ was slammed for posting the number of a Facebook “troll” who called his fans rejects. He told his followers to “get him,” which most probably meant to bully his critic. He defended his action by saying that his critic’s number was already posted on his Facebook profile and that he was just standing up for himself.

Let’s just get this straight: Tim, who has over 52,000 followers, ordered his fans to go after his critic, who probably only have a few hundred of friends on Facebook. The critic’s number may be publicly displayed on his profile, but Tim’s thousands of fans wouldn’t have used that to attack him if Tim didn’t order them to.

Sounds fair? Well, Nathan Little, the intruder-turned-housemate, thought not, and he wasn’t afraid to tell Tim what he thought.

Though their time in the house has ended, their bickering didn’t. And as some people say, it’s like watching another episode of the show all over again. And it’s quite entertaining.

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