'The Big Bang Theory' RECAP: Season 8 Finale Ends With Sheldon With An Engagement Ring

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The final episode of “The Big Bang Theory” Season 8 ended on two major cliff-hangers. Amy told Sheldon that she needs some time to step back and re-evaluate their relationship. She said bye and soon afterwards, Sheldon revealed to the audience that he had an engagement ring in his desk's drawer. And Leonard and Penny decided to get married in Las Vegas, but the final scene of theirs suggest that they might not end up getting married. Here is what happened in episode 24 of “The Big Bang Theory” Season 8:

RECAP Of “The Big Bang Theory” Season 8, Final Episode, “The Commitment Determination”:

The episode opens with Amy and Sheldon kissing on the couch. The two stop and Amy asks Sheldon that can he believe it has been five years since their first date. Sheldon, however, has the “Flash” TV show on his mind. He wants to know whether he should start watching the new television series. Amy is not amused to hear that. She wants to know if that is what Sheldon is thinking about. Sheldon being Sheldon says that it is one of the many things and Amy is part of those one of the things, as he wants to know her opinion before committing to “Flash.” Amy has had enough with the kind of commitment issue he is wrestling with.

Amy points out the irony of Sheldon’s fixation on a man, with super-speed, while after five years of being in a relationship with him, she can only get a distracted, make-out session on a couch. Sheldon does not get the irony, as it is not his strength. He wants her to give his sarcasm a try, as he is getting better at that.

At the Comic Book store, Stuart tells Raj that he is closing early that night, as he overheard Bernadette telling Howard that she is making meat loaf. Raj is at the store with Emily. She wants to buy a creepy-looking head piece and convert it into a lamp for her bedroom. Seeing Raj’s unenthusiastic response, she, too, loses interest in buying it. However, Raj offers to buy it for her.

Back at 4A, Sheldon seeks Penny and Leonard’s assistance. He tells Penny that he is not clear why Amy is upset with him. He tells her the whole story, how he stopped to ask whether he should start watching “Flash” and at that time they were necking on the sofa. This turned Amy’s “kissy face” into “yell-y face.” Penny tells him that during the kiss, the girl wants the attention on her. Sheldon still does not get it. Leonard, too, does not get it, as he and Sheldon start discussing about the issues related to watching a new series. Penny puts an end to the men’s discussion, saying Sheldon was talking about the show on their date night. Sheldon corrects her, saying that it was not just a date night but their fifth anniversary. Penny points out that it is dumber than Leonard wondering whether bitten by goat would give him powers of a goat.

At Howard and Bernadette’s (H-B) home, Raj tells the two that Emily wants to have sex with him at a graveyard. He wonders whether the relationship is right for him. He adds maybe he should break up with Emily. Both Bernadette and Howard find it funny that Raj wants to break up, as he had never broken up with a girl before. Raj hits back saying that the couple had not been able to tell Stuart to move out.

Meanwhile back at 4A, Sheldon is wondering why he has not heard from Amy, as more than 24 hours have passed and she should have figured out by then that she was wrong. Penny tells him that Amy is not wrong about him going too slow with the relationship. Sheldon turns the table on Penny, saying that she and Leonard are also not moving forward with their relationship.

Penny shows him the engagement ring on her finger. Sheldon tells the couple who got engaged in Season 7 finale that they have not yet set a wedding date. The two start giving reasons about why they are without a wedding date: there is no rush, things are good, busy with their respective job and paper. Sheldon only says “okay” but Leonard and Penny are clearly rattled by his wedding day point.

At H-B’s home, Bernadette finds out that it is Stuart who ate her yogurt, not Howard. The two have not been able to tell Stuart to move out because of the book store opening, the holidays and then he fell sick. The couple decide to do that, that night, and Howard says that when Stuart comes home, he is dropping the hammer (read Bernadette).

Bernadette and Howard, however, are unable to tell Stuart to move out, that night too, as it turns out to be his birthday.  The two end up singing the happy birthday song for Stuart.

Back at 4A, Leonard asks Penny why they have not really picked a wedding date. Penny repeats the reasons. Leonard wonders if she really wants to get married or not. Penny says yes, she wants to. Leonard says that it is not just about the date, they have not talked about anything related to the wedding. The two decide on a small, indoor Church wedding, with black tie and no butterflies. Sheldon points out that they have still not picked a date. He later tells them he is sorry about upsetting them by asking so many questions. Leonard and Penny are okay as he got them talking about the wedding.

Sheldon again pushes them to pick a wedding date. This time Penny says why is everyone concerned about them picking a date, as they are committed to each other, happy and she feels a ceremony is not going to change anything. “So, you’re never getting married,” Sheldon says.

Leonard says that they are in love and it does not matter if they get married the next year, a year later or 50 years later. Penny finds the idea of getting married 50 years later old and gross. She tells Leonard that she is free that night and Vegas is not that far away. Leonard says “let’s do it.” The two kiss and Sheldon says, he is really happy for both of them.  

And at the graveyard, Raj and Emily are having their date night. He tells her that he is not scared of the scene but he is a little bit scared of her. Later, he tells Emily, who is in a mood to kiss him, that they should talk. Raj says he cares about her a lot but feels that they are two different people. When Emily asks, is he breaking up with her, Raj ends up saying that he loves her and then kisses her.

Leonard and Penny are driving to Vegas. When Penny mentions that they know everything about each other and they can go forward, with no surprises and regrets, Leonard decides to tell her about his little secret. He had kissed a girl when he was on the ship at North Sea for research.

Penny feels that Leonard is telling her that because he wants to sabotage the wedding. The latter underlines that he wants to begin on a clean slate, with no secrets. Penny wants him to keep his mouth off other woman. Leonard tells her that from then onwards, his mouth is for food and her that is it.

He wants to know whether they are still getting married. Penny says “yes” and Leonard tries to complete the sentence “because we love each other.” She says “yes” to that too. But when Leonard says, “and it is the happiest day of our lives,” Penny says, “don’t push it.” The scene ends on two faces who do not look excited about the wedding anymore.

And at 4A: Sheldon is finally able to connect with Amy via video chat on his laptop. He tells her that he has been thinking about relationships and how difficult they can be, and Amy stops him before he could complete his sentence. She tells him that she is thinking about them too.

Amy tells Sheldon that being his girlfriend is challenging, emotionally and physically, and she has been “incredibly patient” with him. She tells him that she loves him and that is why is it is not easy to say that she needs some time, “to take a step back and re-evaluate our situation. I hope you understand.” Sheldon is speechless and ends up saying “okay.” Amy disconnects the call after saying bye.

Sheldon looks lost and hurt. He opens the drawer of his desk, picks out a ring box, containing an engagement ring, and opens it. He asks the Gollum statue on his desk, “Well Gollum, you’re an expert on rings, what do I do with this one.” 

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