“The Big Bang Theory” actress Mayim Bialik, who was planning to attend the “Nutcracker” ballet with her sons, threw out her back just days before christmas.

A times, many people have those extreme let down moments, when it seems as though the entire universe is plotting to stump their best laid plans. It turns out Mayim Bialik was at the receiving end of one such moment, this holiday season.

The actress gave a detailed account of the incident, which she dubbed as her “Epic fail,” on her blog.

She recounted how she tried to make the outing special by planning everything to the last detail, including tickets and dresses. Her plan, however, went down the drain when she threw out her back. “...I was hinged at the waist and immobile,” she wrote on her blog.

“If you’ve ever wanted so badly to do something right as a mom after feeling you do so many things wrong, you know how unbelievable and upsetting this kind of turn of events can be,” she wrote.

Mayim explained that her love for ballet and piano was what had drawn her to the “Nutcracker” as a kid.

“I was a ballet dancer from the time I was 4 until I was 12, and I was a piano player from the time I was 4,” she wrote. “As a non-Christmas celebrating Jew, seeing “The Nutcracker” was truly the closest I got to learning about and understanding Christmas.”

The actress is a single mom to two sons aged 10 and 7. She divorced her husband of nine years, Michael Stone, in May 2013. Bialik wrote on her blog that since they divorced, they have not seen “Nutcracker” as a family.

As she was unable to go, her ex-husband took their kids out to watch “Nutcracker” with her tickets, according to the actress.

The 40-year-old started her career as a child actress in the late 1980s. Her early roles included the horror film “Pumpkinhead” and “Beaches.” She is best known for her role as Amy in CBS hit sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.”

She recently portrayed the role of Stephanie Michelle Hunt in “The Flight Before Christmas,” a Christmas television film directed by Peter Sullivan. The film stars Bialik and Ryan McPartlin as two people whose flight home for Christmas is diverted, leaving them to spend the holidays together.