American Actor Bill Cosby
IN PHOTO: A new lawsuit has been filed against Bill Cosby. REUTERS/Eric Thayer

A new development on the Bill Cosby sexual allegations saga has been revealed. According to recent reports, the boyfriend of one of the alleged victims sued a major news tabloid for defamation.

TMZ reported that Beverly Johnson's ex-boyfriend, Mark Burk, is suing CNN for defamation. Burk is the ex-boyfriend, and has been the live-in partner of the former top model from 2006 to 2009.

It was reported in December 2014 that CNN wanted to feature Johnson in an interview to learn more about her accusations against Cosby. Meanwhile, Marty Singer, the comedian's lawyer, and his team reportedly urged the channel to also include the model's former lover to get the complete picture.

Cosby's lawyer later claimed that Burk revealed some surprising details during the session with CNN, which include claims that Johnson never said a word about the alleged sexual harassment and even appeared to admire the famous comedian. Singer also claimed that the channel tried to manipulate him to corroborate Johnshon's claims and eventually terminated the conversation when he refused to change his statement, as reported by TMZ.

Later, CNN fired back at Singer's allegations by pointing out that Burk is an unreliable source of information. CNN questioned the credibility of the model's ex by noting that the man has criminal records, and was even issued a restraining order by Johnson multiple times, reported Macro Insider. The news show also shared that Burk reportedly filed a bogus lawsuit against Johnson for palimony.

Burk retaliated by suing CNN for issuing the aforementioned statements against him. The defamation case of Johnson's ex-beau reportedly amounted to US$19 million. CNN has yet to release a response regarding this legal issue.

Johnson and19 other women have raised allegations of drugging and sexual assault against the famous comedian. Cosby has not been charged in any of these cases due to the statute of limitations. However, the renewed series of allegations have reportedly hit hard the fatherly image of the comedian, which resulted in the cancellation of his various projects.

During a recent visit to Canada for a three-stop tour, the comedian was heckled by protesters who tried to interrupt the show. The recently held Golden Globes ceremony also witnessed satirical Cosby jokes referring to the said allegations. Meanwhile, a 24-year-old model named Chloe Gains has reportedly levied new charges of drugging and sexual assault in 2008 at the Playboy mansion against the comedian. BBC has reported that the model met with the Los Angeles police on Wednesday to file a report and seek to have him criminally charged.

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