Giancarlo Esposito
Giancarlo Esposito is reprising his role as Gus Fring on "Better Call Saul." Twitter/Giancarlo Esposito

“Better Call Saul” season 3 will be kicking off this April on US network AMC, and it is reintroducing viewers to the character of Gus Fring, portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito. He first appeared in “Breaking Bad” as a tough person, but audiences will catch another side of him in the next few weeks.

In an interview with AMC, Esposito made it clear that the persona of Fring in “Better Call Saul” is different from how he was in “Breaking Bad.” “He’s a different guy,” Esposito confirmed. “He’s a little fresher, a little less jaded.” This would make logical sense as the currently showing series is a prequel to the original, so a more youthful character is likely.

“I wanted him to be a little more hopeful, a little more energetic,” the actor went on. “Maybe not as definitive in some of his actions because he’s a Gus we’ve never met before.” Esposito also explained that the eerily calm character that audiences marveled at in “Breaking Bad” is still there, but there is -- underneath him – an eagerness as well.

The publication also asked whether Esposito thought Fring would make it on “Better Call Saul” before the plans were official. The 58-year-old actor said that he was doubtful and fearful at the beginning because he believed he had already done everything he could for the character. With his statements above, however, it seems like Esposito did find something more to explore.

Esposito was also asked about whether or not an entirely different spinoff would eventually be released for Fring. He made it clear that his appearance on “Better Call Saul” would only cover aspects of his background that are relevant to Jimmy McGill/Paul Goodman, who is portrayed by Bob Odenkirk. “We may have to wait a little bit longer to dive in completely and know exactly where we’re coming from Gus’ life,” he said. While he did not confirm that a “Rise Of Gus” series would eventually go underway, he did admit it would be interesting to know more about the character, especially about his life before coming to the United States.

So while audiences will likely have to wait a year or so for Gus to have his own series, they will only need to wait until April 10 for “Better Call Saul” season 3. The show will air on AMC in the United States, but Australian audiences can stream the same on Stan.


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