“Better Call Saul” has officially been renewed by Sony Pictures TV and AMC for Season 3, which will consist of 10 episodes.

Creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould will return as co-showrunners for the series. Other executive producers include Mark Johnson, Melissa Bernstein and Thomas Schnauz. Bob Odenkirk, who plays the titular character Saul Goodman, will also reprise his role in the following season.

"What Vince, Peter, Bob and the entire team have accomplished with Better Call Saul is truly rare and remarkable. They have taken one of the most iconic, immersive and fan-obsessive (in the best possible way) shows in television history and created a prequel that stands on its own," said Charlie Collier, president of AMC, SundanceTV and AMC Studios, in a report by Mashable.

He added that millions of fans have been delighted and entertained in following Jimmy McGill’s “thoughtful, melodic and morally flexible transformation” into the darker Saul Goodman. Many viewers have become avid fans of the series during the first two seasons, while others wanted to delve more into the character using “Breaking Bad” as a starting point. Collier said that the series has its own sensibility, feel and pace, so they are very excited about what the showrunners will create in Season 3.

Deadline writes that “Better Call Saul” is set six years before Saul Goodman met Walter White. Saul at the time was known as Jimmy McGill, a struggling lawyer who frequently worked with Mike Erhmantraut, who was also introduced in “Breaking Bad.” The drama follows how Jimmy changed from the good side to the bad.

“Better Call Saul” has been nominated in the Emmy Awards and last aired Episode 5 on March 14. During Season 1, the “Breaking Bad” spinoff was nominated for seven Primetime Emmy Awards. At present, the show averages over 4 million viewers per episode. The series premiere also set a cable ratings record and continued to perform well in ratings in Season 2. The show has done very well since it first appeared, which explains the early renewal.

The next episode will air on March 21 on AMC. More updates and details are expected soon.

Check out the trailer for "Better Call Saul" season 2.

Source: YouTube/Mokoshne