Bella Thorne
Actress Bella Thorne arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, California, August 30, 2015. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

The confirmed end of “Pretty Little Liars” will leave a hole that needs to be filled in the eyes of many admirers of the show. Fortunately, I. Marlene King has another series in the works, “Famous In Love.”

King, who is the creator and showrunner of PLL, will also be running things behind the new US network Freeform series. “Famous In Love” is based on a series of young adult books of the same title, which were written by Rebecca Serle.

Taking the lead in the series is actress Bella Thorne, who also started in “The Duff” and “Amityville: The Awakening.” Thorne portrays Paige Townsen, a teenager who auditions for a role in a film adaptation of a famous book series. Among thousands of auditioners, Townsen is chosen and her life immediately changes. Soon after she lands the role, she finds both herself and her character in a tangle of love triangles. This, mixed with the overwhelming scrutiny of the media, causes Townsen to change rather drastically.

She gets caught up in the limelight of her new life, and the glitz and glamour that come along with it. The same guy that excitedly tells her the role will change her life eventually warns her of the same. “Before all this, you never would have done something like this,” he eventually says.

“The brighter the spotlight, the darker the secrets,” reads the otherwise bright trailer.

WATCH: “Famous In Love” trailer

While the trailer itself seems relatively straightforward, interested viewers can expect no less than twists and turns with King at the helm of the show.

Starring alongside Thorne are Charlie DePew and Keith Powers Carter Jenkins among others. Meanwhile, Serle will also serve as the show’s co-executive producer along with King.

“Famous In Love” will premiere right after “Pretty Little Liars” picks up after its midseason break in April 2017.