BBAU Winners After 10 Years of Big Brother Australia [VIDEO]

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Big Brother Australia 2013 is making waves on the screen this year so why won't we take a little time out for a trip down memory lane? Ever wonder where the previous winners are?

BBAU Winners After 10 Years of Big Brother Australia. Photo credit: Channel Nine,

BBAU Winners After 10 Years of Big Brother Australia. Photo credit: Channel Nine,

Ben Williams of Season One won over Blair McDonough, who was a close runner-up and eventually starred the shows Neighbors and Winners and Losers. Ben managed his own sports management company after winning Big Brother Australia Season One. He and Today reporter, Jade Robran then got married in Bali.

Peter Corbett of Season Two went inside Big Brother's house only to win the money and yes, he did. He might be a coach to a football team now but other than that and some odd story about the Churchill Top Gun Academy found in Wikipedia, Peter has basically disappeared from show business.

Reggie Bird of Season Three achieved her dreams of becoming a flight attendant and worked for Virgin. The Tasmanian lad left her husband for a new man and had two kids. Unfortunately, she now suffers from a degenerative eye disease that slowly makes her blind, while her child Lucas was diagnosed with a genetic disorder cystic fibrosis in 2011.

Trevor Butler of Season Four was lucky enough to win when Big Brother Australia upped the prize to $1 million. After winning, he worked on the Gold Coast radio. Apparently, Big Brother regretted upgraded the prize money in Season Five and went on to fine the contestants for doing crazy things. It was still pretty nifty for Logan Greg who won the season anyway.

Jamie Brooksby hooked up with Katie after winning Season Six but just like the BBAU previous winners, he's everywhere but online. Aleisha Cowcher of Season Seven used her prize money to buy a hairdressing salon. By Season Eight, they added boring, old folks and people have stopped watching it as 52 year old Terri Munro won. In case you know her, she still works at Coles. Benjamin Norris then emerged as the winner of Big Brother Australia Season Nine.


For BBAU 2013, teacher Mikkayla just got expelled from the BB house, now who are you rooting for? Boog, Jade, and Madaline are nominated. Who are you going to save? Drew, Ed, Tahan and Tim are safe for now but who are you best bets?