‘Battlefield Hardline’ Won’t Cause BF4 Abandonment, DICE Details Improvements

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With news of the existence of "Battlefield Hardline" now being the fuel for the hype train of E3 2014, some fans may have started worrying about what will now happen to "Battlefield 4."

Aside from the bugs that continue to plague gamers, there are still the issues of undelivered DLCs as well as the expected improvements coming out with new systems created by the developer.

Karl Magnus Troedsson, DICE VP and general manager, has taken on the task of reassuring fans that they will not be abandoning the title anytime soon.

"I want to be sure you all understand that introducing Hardline in no way means we're done working on 'Battlefield 4'. Nothing could be further from the truth," said Troedsson via the Battlefield Blog. "The Visceral team is leading the development of 'Hardline,' while the DICE team continues to drive BF4. We are committed to giving you the best BF4 experience possible."

Some of the expected improvements for "Battlefield 4" include the netcode patch, where the team is supposedly working on a major update. Troedsson has also stated that continued and dedicated support will be given to the title, as there are "Battlefield 4" teams located in Stockholm, Los Angeles and Uppsala who are all continually addressing any issues found. Part of these dedicated teams is the possibility of having significant additions to the game.

"Battlefield Hardline" leaked multiplayer trailer (via YouTube/GameSpot)

The recently launched Community Test Environment will also not be dropped anytime soon, with DICE even having plans for expanding the program. This means that more players will be able to try for the CTE program and test the new additions before they become official to the public.

Lastly, features that have been rolling out, including Squad Join, Rent-a-Server and the recent method of acquiring Battlepacks will become a regular trend for "Battlefield 4." The addition of features will be based on the community, for a lot of the already released new features have been the most requested so far.

"We also continue to work hard to keep investing in areas where you tell us you see opportunities for improvements and new features," said Troedsson. "Yes, we're very excited to partner with Visceral on the development of 'Battlefield Hardline," but ongoing work to refine and enhance BF4 remains a top priority."

DLC in Progress: Final Stand

As far as the promised "Battlefield 4" DLCs are concerned, the fifth and last one, titled "Final Stand' is still yet to be teased, while the fourth DLC, "Dragon's Teeth" is not yet out in the market.

So far the only leak related to the Final Stand DLC was reported previously by BF4Only, citing a Reddit source that has also leaked the Dragon's Teeth map. According to the source, Final Stand will have the following proposed names: Arctic Research, Sub Base, Walker Factory and Titan. The pegged release date is September 2 for premium and September 16 to the general public.

This previous leak had gotten one map for Dragon's Teeth exactly right, "Propaganda," but the others are pretty close enough, with the predicted Marketplace being "Pearl Market" and the Urban Garden finally called "Lumphini Garden."

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