Battlefield 1
"Battlefield 1" is the first World War I video game published by Electronic Arts since Wings of Glory in 1994. Facebook/Battlefield

“Battlefield 1” is a real accomplishment, particularly because it deals with an infamous part of world history, the World War 1, and presents it in the most-powerful and amazing way possible. The game deserves credit for bringing to life the incident that has almost been forgotten in modern times. The gameplay may not co-operate in some places but it’s worth a buy.

“Battlefield 1” is brutal, loud, terrifying and grand, writes Forbes. Blood-drenched people, clouds of mustard gas and soldiers desperately trying to save themselves without any weapon are some of the realistic themes that may shock players. Whether one is facing an armoured tank or a bayonet charge, it can’t get more brutal than this.

This week, gamers can lay their hands on EA’s “Battlefield 1.” It’s an amazing blend of the known and the new. Players who are aware of the classes, vehicles and game modes, will see that they have been tweaked just enough. The game has its set of problems and server problems. However, they are not enough to overshadow the great concept.

“Weapons are temperamental, vehicles are lumbering and unwieldy, and the whole game comes across as a smoke filled, exploding nightmare in the best of ways,” writes Dave Thier of Forbes.

However in certain places, “Battlefield 1” wears a little as a video game. Inaccuracy of early automatic weapons makes life hard for the gamer and becomes exhausting after sometime. Snipers are the toughest to handle and the average foot soldier is no match for the giant vehicles. The “Operations” mode may prove to be better.

“Battlefield 1” has faced numerous DDOS attacks recently. Bugs and glitches can be expected as the game is still in beta mode. According to The Bitbag, some players were able to unlock all weapons even before reaching level 20.

In fact, the entire arsenal was taken over with only 900 War Bonds. “Battlefield 1” has two game modes, Rush and Conquest and has the Sinai Desert map.