Battlefield 1
"Battlefield 1" will bring players at the heart of the Sinai Desert. EA DICE

With the “Battlefield 1” beta inching closer, developer EA DICE has given a glimpse of what’s coming to the game.

The Sinai Desert will be among the biggest Conquest level sin “Battlefield 1” and players will have access to it during the beta run. Over the official “Battlefield” blog, EA DICE confirmed Sinai Desert has its roots in the Ottoman Empire and Allied forces battle in the Sinai Campaign in the goal of seizing control of the Suez Canal.

What players can expect of Sinai Desert is diversity in the overall experience. There will be horseback dashes across the desert, battles in narrow alleyways, shootouts from higher locations, and even use vehicles like planes and battle tanks.

“It’s the clash of eras and technologies all wrapped into one hectic conflict, mixed together with classic Battlefield gameplay,” said the developer in the blog.

There’s the additional mechanic of giving players a boost in the form of an Armoured Train Behemoth, which spawns for the weaker teams’ side. It will bring several weapons and can even turn the tide of the game, if properly utilised.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that whoever has the train will win in the end. It only serves as a way to give a final wave of adrenaline for both sides. One side will have to make use of the newfound chance, while the other team will have to make sure to do everything to keep the game in their favour.

The “Battlefield 1” beta will start on Aug. 31. The open beta doesn’t have an end date yet, but it’s best to make sure to get in as early as possible. In fact, the developer is also offering an early access to the beta.

All players need is to sign up to become a Battlefield Insider, which will allow earlier access to the open beta. Apart from this early access, it appears that Battlefield Insiders will also get some in-game rewards, exclusive content and sneak peeks for the game.

“Battlefield 1” will be released on Oct. 21 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.