Batman Arkham VR
"Batman: Arkham VR" from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Rocksteady Studios might just be the best title to hit the virtual reality platform. Facebook/Batman: Arkham VR

'Batman is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable characters in the world. So when it was announced that the franchise would extend to virtual reality in "Batman: Arkham VR," thanks to the PlayStation VR, there was a lot of high expectations.

In “Batman: Arkham VR,” players take on the role of the Dark Knight like they have never done before. Rocksteady Studios has developed a lot of games for the franchise that are set in Arkham, but this is the first time that players literally see through the eyes of Batman.

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The game begins with players reliving the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne. While the scene itself has arguably been overplayed, the experience of being Bruce at that point in time will bring players to a different level and will provide a deeper understanding of the Dark Knight.

“Batman: Arkham VR” is relatively simple and short when compared to the other games included in the “Batman” franchise, but it is ideal for VR. Players will piece together clues of Nightwing’s demise, as well as Robin’s disappearance. The mystery is simple to solve because there is not as much action as previous titles.

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Detective work is at the heart of the game, and it requires more brain than brawn. Players will get the opportunity to tinker with various gadgets and the advanced technology that are within Bruce’s grasp. The Wayne Manor and Batcave are also available for exploration.

VentureBeat had an interview with Rocksteady Studios’ social marketing manager Gaz Deaves. He disclosed that the suit up process and the descent into the Batcave are one of the most exciting features in “Batman: Arkham VR.”

The sensation may be a little different, however, as movement is done via teleportation as opposed to walking movements. With the press of a button, players are transferred from their current location to the interactive point they are literally eyeing. While this is a little strange, it theoretically decreases the amount of nauseousness.