Vera Farmiga dies, stays alive in her son's mind
Cast members Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore pose at a press line for "Bates Motel" during the 2014 Comic-Con International Convention in San Diego, California July 25, 2014. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

“Bates Motel” Season 5 is currently in development. Recent updates revealed that Freddie Highmore, who plays the main character, Norman Bates, will be writing more episodes. There are also plans to introduce the character Marion Crane in the new season.

Highmore shared some details about his character in the upcoming season. He said that Norman will be very insightful and probably better than anyone. He possesses the strange ability to see through the differences of every character.

Deadline says that Vera Farmiga, who plays co-star Norma, was very impressed with how Highmore worked as an actor’s writer. Farmiga has directed before, but said that she is not confident enough to write. She continued that Highmore’s ability to take on the whole psychology of the characters is outstanding, especially that the 24-year-old actor is only a “baby.”

Showrunner Kerry Ehrin also commended the actor for having such a thorough understanding of Norman and sharing his ideas in the writers’ room. The showrunners were surprised that Highmore offered to write for the show. Showrunner Carlton Cuse revealed that he never experienced having the lead actor of a TV series spend the offseason writing for the show. Freddie is reportedly very fluent in Spanish and Arabic and also went to Cambridge, making him one of the rare actors with multiple talents.

Highmore already sold a pilot to British broadcaster Sky and also wrote another Pilot with Ehrin, proving that he has so much potential in writing and may even expand to other fields in the near future.

In other “Bates Motel” news, Cuse stated that there is a chance for Norma and Norman to escape what will presumably be their inevitable fate.

Zap2It writes that Marion Crane will most likely appear in Season 5. Crane is an integral character in the story that will affect both Norman and Norma. Some of the potential actresses who may play the character include Taissa Farmiga, Lizzy Caplan, Sara Paxton, Katharine Isabelle and Jane Levy. Ehrin also teased that Norma’s brother, Caleb, will return soon, while Norma tries to seek peace and balance.

More updates and details on “Bates Motel” are expected soon.