Batemans Bay UFO Sighting, Are They Out There?

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An unidentified flying object remains a mystery, according to an Australian UFO investigator.

A curious flying object was spotted over Batemans Bay on the early hours of June 21. A man from Eurobodalla filmed the object for over eight minutes, saying he was "amazed" by the peculiar brightness of the thing.

Ben Roberts said he was certain he did not film a regular airplane flying that day.

"It was not a plane... There were no flashes and it was way too slow. Same for a helicopter - no flashes and too slow," Mr Roberts noted. He filmed the flying orb-like light near Batemans Bay on the south coast.

It was not a weather balloon either, reports the Daily Telegraph, noting that weather balloons are often mistaken for UFOs.

UFO investigator Doug Moffett claimed the extraordinary bright object is an authentic UFO, such that there is no explanation for what it could be.

"The truth is out there"

The UFO sighting brings to mind the popular slogan of the defunct TV series about aliens, "X-Files" (Ten Thirteen Productions and 20th Century Fox Television). It says: "The Truth Is Out There"

However, Mr Moffett clarified aliens may not be on board the spotted UFO, after all. He said there is no explanation as to what the flying object could be.

"It doesn't fit any of the usual suspects, such as Venus, planes, weather balloons or military flares," he told Telegraph, noting, "I really don't see it being a remote controlled aircraft with LEDs because if someone was doing that they're probably not going to do it at night. It's what I would call a genuine UFO."

For now, the public can only wait for more plausible explanations.

Venus: The usual suspect

Mr Moffett noted the planet Venus was often mistaken for a UFO because it could appear to move before the naked eye.

The fact, however, is that when Venus shines very brightly (and it often does), its light penetrates the atmosphere, sometimes twinkling, in effect. This phenomenon is known as scintillation.

Mr Moffett notes the UFO that Mr Roberts spotted was definitely not Venus.

Other recent UFO sightings

The scene over at the Batemans Bay filmed by Mr Roberts is only one among plenty of UFO sightings reported around the world. In Australia alone, a dozen sightings are reported every year, reports Telegraph.

Mr Moffett notes UFO sightings in Australia seem to be increasing recently.

He noted another UFO, described to be shaped like a half-dome with features similar to tentacles overhanging beneath it, was seen over the Central Coast also in June.

Outside Australia, unconfirmed sightings of UFOs were reported from Miles City, Montana. 

"(Two) big bright lights flying across the sky above Miles City in Montana was recorded on 23rd June 2012," reports 

"Certainly in world terms it has been a very busy year," Mr Moffett said. 

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