Kurt Sutter has pulled the plug on “The Bastard Executioner,” and there is not going to be Season 2. The “Sons of Anarchy” creator did not mince words when he said that he made the decision to end the show because of low viewership.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, he said, "I don’t want to write something that nobody's ... watching."

Through its first six weeks on the air, the 4 million people who viewed the premiere reportedy dipped to 1.9 million in Episode 6. The series wrapped its first and last season on Nov. 17.

Sutter explained that they tried their best to save the show,but unfortunately, their efforts were not enough to sustain it. “It's not like it had a chance and I said, 'Let's not take it,'” he said.

Sutter sent a heartfelt email to his cast and crew about the decision to pull the plug and said that while it feels fantastic to get a good review for your work, at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the number of viewers who are watching the show. The demise of the show has been largely attributed to the dense mythology of the series and the largely unknown cast led by Aussie actor Lee Jones.

Meanwhile, Sutter is busy working on his film script -- which he wrote earlier -- about a love story between a junkie and a hitman, which is said to be a spinoff of the juggernaut television series “Sons of Anarchy.”

Sutter lightheartedly said that his next TV idea is more contemporary without any horses involved. He also said tha he wrote the draft of a script when he boarded the train from London to Venice after wrapping up the production on “The Bastard Executioner."

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