Barnaby Joyce
Australian Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Barnaby Joyce smiles as he serves sampling Australian beef food to customers to promote Australian products at a supermarket in Tokyo, Japan, November 16, 2015. Reuters/Issei Kato

Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion’s paid tell-all interview with Seven was “absolute disgrace,” according to Joyce’s estranged wife. Natalie, who raises four daughters with the former deputy prime minister of Australia, recalled how she proudly called her husband’s mistress as a “home-wrecking wh---” when she confronted them.

Natalie had been married to Joyce for 24 years when they separated in December 2017. She told Women’s Weekly in an exclusive interview that she had a feeling he had been having an affair with Campion in 2016 after watching them at the Nationals Christmas party. And as it turned out, Joyce and Campion’s affair was “the worst kept secret in Canberra.”

There was a time when she confronted the two, although Joyce “bolted” when he saw his wife and so Natalie was left with Campion.

“I turned to her and said, ‘My husband is out of bounds, off-limits, he’s a married man with four children,’ and then I called her a home-wrecking wh---.” She admitted that it was not one of her finer moments, but she was proud that she stood up to her.

Natalie said she knew she had lost him when she found out Campion was carrying his son. The married couple had always wanted a son, and so they had tried out names for a son that did not come during their marriage. The name that Joyce and Campion gave their baby, Sebastian, felt like “another malicious taunt in a very long line of appalling behaviour” because the name had been her and Joyce’s list of favourite boys’ names.

“I asked him to come home,” she told the magazine. “He said, ‘I can’t, she’s pregnant and I have to be there for my son.’ He always wanted a boy and, while the girls really are the epicentre of his universe, we had no chance: She was giving him a son.”

Last month, Joyce and Campion sat with Seven’s Sunday Night program for a tell-all interview, which Natalie called an “absolute disgrace.” She said she wasn’t surprised that it was Campion who orchestrated the interview and the reported $150,000 payment they received.

“I wasn’t surprised she sold their ‘exclusive’ story, and certainly not surprised the $150,000 went to her child, but it begs the question, if Barney [Joyce] agreed to be a part of it, how could he allow his four girls to be overlooked? In saying that, I wouldn’t want a cent of that money. It was all we could do to watch it without throwing a brick at the TV!” Natalie said.