Bali prison fugitive Shaun Davidson boasts Amsterdam, Dubai escapades on Facebook

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Shaun Davidson
A police wanted poster showing four foreign inmates who escaped from a prison this week by crawling through a tunnel is seen on a convenience store window in North Kuta, Bali, Indonesia June 23, 2017. Reuters/Nyimas Laula

Bali prison escapee Shaun Davidson has reportedly claimed he was in Dubai on a Facebook post. The Perth-born fugitive, who escaped from Indonesia’s Kerobokan prison on June 20 with three others, boasted that he was a “real life action movie star.”

A new post to the Facebook account Matthew Rageone Ridler, which is believed to be owned by the 33-year-old escapee, claims he is currently enjoying the beaches of Dubai. He was apparently also in Amsterdam and Germany.

“I’m a real life action movie star nah im just normal b there aint noway a penetentry is ever holding me from oz to bali Amsterdam to germany you better believe it when I say my life is no lie im sippn on this cocktail on the beaches of dubai,” (sic)  the post reads. He checked in to Costa Fortuna in Dubai on June 27, saying he was out of any jurisdiction that could extradite him and so he was now just “chilling out” there.

He previously checked in to Amsterdam, Netherlands, adding the caption, “Living the Dream.” He even posted a group photo of men and women from a club in the city. He was not in any of the pictures he posted. The updates were visible only to his friends, but the Daily Mail Australia has obtained screenshots from a source.

He also shared the page “Fans of Shaun Rageone Davidson – Australian Escapee,” which glorifies Davidson’s antics. The page urges Australians to support the fugitive, who was an “all round good guy.”

Two of Davidson’s fellow escapees have been returned to prison since last week. Bulgarian Dimitar Nikolove Ilieve and Indian Sayed Mohammed Said were subjected to questions about their escape. Apart from Davidson, Malaysian Tee Kok King is still on the run.

Davidson had only two months and 15 days remaining left of his sentence when he escaped from the infamous Kerobokan prison. He was jailed for using another man’s passport in Bali. He fled drug charges in Perth before spending a year in Indonesia.

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