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Australian Facebook group Bad Girls Advice has been under investigation by the social media company after its members reported it for not observing the community standards. The members said that the female-only secret group was reported to Facebook but nothing was done about the complaints.

Facebook responded saying that the members did the right thing by letting them know about it. However, the social media company said that it looked over the group and it did not go against one of the company's specific community standards. The company said it understood that the group or something shared in it was still offensive or distasteful to the members. It committed to helping the members to see less of the things they would see in the future. The company encouraged the members to send the exact content that violated the community standards instead of the entire group.

Graphic sexual discussions, detailed accounts of intimate relationships, discussions about violence against men and images of men's bodies could be found in the group. “I report the penis pictures that get posted daily, videos of explicit content (nudity and pornography) and also stories of bestiality which were assured to members ‘were true’,” one member told news.com.au.

One member said that she did not condone the behaviour and stories posted daily which other members encouraged. Another member said that some women were horrified by the content. Some members were roasted because they broke the scroll on rule. They claimed they were kink shaming and basic bitches. The member said that the group's admin was fully aware what was going on. There were at lease seven members who contacted news.com.au complaining the bestiality post in the group.

On the other hand, the group's supporters said that the negative posts came from a select few. The members said that there were positive posts in the group that were not covered in the original article.

One member said that domestic violence was never allowed on the page. She said that many women have turned to advice about domestic violence situations and they have turned to BGA for support. She noted that the controversial post was removed as soon as admin was made aware of it. She was thankful that the group has saved many members from domestic violence. Another member said the stories about members stepping in and saving from dangerous situations should be reported too. She added that those members gave support, money and accommodation to the victims so they could leave their violent partners.

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