Bachelorette Sam Frost Channel 10

Abs, an owl, ‘bro-ga’ and pea-cocking, Australia’s hotly anticipated premiere of the first ever Bachelorette is everything that you wanted to see - and just so much more.

It starts off like this: scorned Aussie babe Sam Frost relives perhaps the most painful moment of her life - in the form of a tv flashback.

We watch as she falls in love with Season 2’s Bachelor Blake Garvey all over again, the proposal (cue the tears), the media coverage following the unpredictable breakup - until finally - the scene cuts to present day, and our heroine is seen walking along a picturesque beach looking mysterious and forlorn.

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Lookin' for love Channel 10

“I was devastated for months,” she says. “I felt very confused and just….heartbroken.”

The soft piano overture delicately woven through the opening scene alone would have melted the hearts and converted even the biggest of non-believers. Bro, this girl was in love. Deep.

Luckily for Sam though, in just a few moments time, a mansion somewhere in Sydney would soon be populated with 14 hopeful hotties clad in their very best suits, vying for a shot at winning her heart.

Blake who?

David the plumber is the first to meet our Bachelorette. He tells her she’s beautiful and she giggles ‘coz he’s hot.

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'I'm sooo getting that rose' Channel 10

Next comes Alex, a 30-year-old financial consultant with a fancy pants accent. He pulls out a gift of flats, so that she can kick off her heels and lax out in something a little comfier after the show. Sweet.

Davey, the youngest contender, freaks out and realises he has forgotten to prepare a gift. He hurriedly pulls some roses from out of the set bushes and awkwardly hands them to her.

Here's something I totally prepared earlier... Channel 10

David the international model introduces himself next - there’s a music change, and we just know he’ll be playing the part of the sexy but totally unlikeable villain.

Sasha constructs a scrunched up rose, using a scrunched up napkin that he pulls from his pocket and hands it over to her and she swoons like a pre-teen. He’s lucky that he’s dreamy.

Drew the sleep technician enters the scene next, his GHD-straightened hair flows delicately in the breeze - however his 'do' isn't the only thing magical about him.

From outta nowhere, a freaking barn owl flies out and lands on his arm.

"I've got an owl. It's in the bag" Channel 10

“Where did that come from? Hogwarts?” laughs Sam.

The rest of them file through, say their awkward one-liners and they all head on through to the mansion.

A bro code is established by Davey at the beginning of the cocktail night, deeming that if someone is having a one on one with Sam, nobody is to interrupt, because that’d just be rude.

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The Bro code has but one rule - nobody shall interrupt anybody on their one-on-one with Sam Channel 10

Everyone agrees - begrudgingly.

Plumber Dave gets the first one on one.

“Being a plumber, you must have a whole lot of interesting stories to tell,” she says as she stares into his eyes.

“The stories I’ve got, I dunno if I really want to tell you,” he laughs (because they’re all about poop).

Model Dave is the first to break the bro code. Surprise, surprise.

Blue Steel Channel 10

“I was born in Poland, so lucky for whoever marries me in the future - they’ll have a European passport,” he hints. He proceeds to talk about his modelling experiences and how extensively he’s travelled the world because of his good looks.

This doesn’t really impress our Sammy, though.

“What I know about David so far is that he’s a model, and uh...what else...that’s about it.”

Will the musician follows with the next one-on-one. He has a guitar and performs the musical masterpiece that we were promised at the beginning of the show.

“Sam, you’re better looking than Peter Pan. With your smile and your pixie ears, you’re so attractive it brings me to tears,” he sings.

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The musical savant in all his glory Channel 10

He’s awkward and nervous, but you want to like him.

Bro-code inventor Davey looks to break his own rules by interrupting Sam’s one-on-one with Kayne.

Sam promises to chat to him next, but only after watching Kayne fail magnificently at holding a headstand.

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This guy's definitely in it, to win it. Channel 10

When Davey finally gets a shot at making a good impression, he ruins it by revealing his sordid history of being a ladies man.

When asked which three words his friends would use to describe him, he replies: “full blown legend.”

Screen shot 2015-09-24 at 12
Yeah....nah. Channel 10

Her reaction is perhaps not exactly what he was aiming for, though.

Fan-favourite Sasha finally gets some much-deserved screen time. He’s sweet, genuine and lands the very first rose. You go, Sasha!

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Sasha, will you accept this rose? Channel 10

Shortly thereafter, the men are gathered for the rose ceremony, with only Sasha in the safe-zone.

GHD Drew looks as if he’s going to cry. Model Dave feigns confidence, while the rest just hope for the best.

In the end it's Shane and Luke (who?) that are sent packing.

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Better luck next time, boys. Channel 10

In the words of Davey, "#devo" brothers.

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