After Paradise
"After Paradise," Aug. 23, 2016 Twitter/Izzy Goodkind

Izzy Goodkind has gone on the record to explain exactly why she split with Vinny Ventiera on “Bachelor In Paradise.” Despite the awful situation, which left her looking heartless, her explanation was endearing and raised the question of authenticity.

The Aug. 22 episode of “Bachelor In Paradise” painted a rather harsh image of Izzy. After weeks of having an established relationship with Vinny, it seemed that she dropped it all because of an initial attraction to Brett Melnick.

Vinny then left the island without getting a proper explanation from her.

The split caused shock among the “Bachelor In Paradise” contestants, because the couple was solid from the beginning of the season. Even Izzy herself admitted that their relationship was real and amazing.

But in the “After Paradise” show on Aug. 23, Izzy was given the opportunity to explain her side of things. She also shared that during her stay on the island, she eventually became lost with herself. But what made things worse is that her insecurities eventually found their way to her relationship with Vinny.

“We didn’t really ever have certain conversations about our family life, our home life, growing up, those sorts of things, which I think are a great foundation to any relationship,” she explained. “That was something we had been missing.”

Izzy pointed out that these types of conversations were ones they could not have while on “Bachelor In Paradise,” and that while she wanted to tell Vinny this at the time things fell apart, she was not able to. “I wasn’t able to express those things to him in the time that I hoped,” she shared.

She also admitted to using her physical attraction to Brett as a way out, but that it was the lack of a serious surrounding that really hindered a true relationship from developing. Izzy shared that she regrets having walked away from Vinny, and that she “let an amazing man go.”

And while Vinny accepted her apology wholeheartedly, he confirmed that he does not want to get back together with her. “I don’t want someone to walk by, catch her interest and all of a sudden, she wants to be with him,” he said.

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