Corinne Olympios
You can catch Corinne Olympios on the current season of "The Bachelor." Instragram/Corinne Olympios

While Nick Viall’s season of “The Bachelor” has not reached its conclusion yet, fans of the franchise are already wondering who will make it to this year’s season of “Bachelor In Paradise.” There are already two names that keep circling the air and those are Corinne Olympios and Alexis Waters.

Corinne is arguably one of -- if not the most – controversial character on the current season of “The Bachelor.” And because her fate is still in the hands of Nick, it is actually impossibly to say whether or not she will make it on “Bachelor In Paradise.” But if she does not get that final rose, it is likely that she will be approached to star in BIP.

Romper has claimed that Corinne will make an excellent addition to “Bachelor In Paradise” largely in part because she makes such a lasting impression. Her ongoing run on “The Bachelor” has been colourful and unpredictable, with many of the other women questioning why Nick has kept her on for so long.

Another name that has been thrown around is Alexis, and her elimination from “The Bachelor” has only given fans more hope that she will be asked to join the BIP cast in Mexico this year. Audiences have seen her make a good first impression with her choice of wardrobe -- a dolphin costume on the first night – as well as her quirkiness to try anything new. The 23-year-old aspiring dolphin trailer might make things a little lighter in “The Bachelor In Paradise.”

Bustle has noted that there are some previous contestants that would make an interesting partner for Alexis. Vinny, who appeared on the third season of “Bachelor In Paradise” and left with his heart broken, could get along with her. They hail from the same area and evidently like a good party, so the two might discover a few other things in common. Another possibility is Chad, who appeared on JoJo Fletcher’s season on “The Bachelorette.” The publication argued that Alexis may just be what Chad needs to lighten up a little.

Until Nick proposes to someone on “The Bachelor,” any official world on “The Bachelor In Paradise” casting is unlikely. Not only are there a few months until shooting is estimated to go underway, but any announcements might provide spoilers for the current series. So for those who prefer to watch the arguable less dramatic and lighter BIP, there are likely a few more weeks of waiting to get through.


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