Former Miami Heat Dancer, And Star Of The TV Reality Show 'The Bachelorette' Trista Rehn, Centre, Along With Friends, Reacts To A Video Of Her Dancin Days.
Former Miami Heat dancer, and star of the TV reality show "The Bachelorette" Trista Rehn (C) along with friends, reacts to a video of her dancin days, at the Heat verses the New Orleans Hornest game during first period NBA action February 11, 2003 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. Rehn will choose between the final two bachelores on February 18. Reuters

“The Bachelor Australia” Season 3 contestant Sarah Mackay got eliminated in the rose ceremony of the reality TV series’ 15th episode which aired on Wednesday. Mackay, an events manager from Melbourne, opens up in an interview about her experience in “The Bachelor Australia” and relationship with featured bachelor Sam Wood on Network Ten’s show.

Mackay admitted in an interview with POPSUGAR Australia that she immediately picked up Sam Wood as a lovely and genuinely nice guy. “Later on in the cocktail party, when we did Downward Dog together [laughs], he was such a chill guy and that’s what I’m really after,” Mackay shared.

With the privilege of three date cards, Mackay described the experience to be amazing but she kept on hiding what she was feeling inside her protective shell. “I did keep on telling Sam, ‘You’re going to know how I’m feeling by my actions’,” Mackay recounted.

However, Mackay found the situation tricky because Wood was also dating the other contestants. In the rose ceremony where Wood kind of left her hanging, Mackay admitted she felt quite hurt and it was that moment when she realised she was already emotionally invested in him.

When asked if the arrival of the intruders in the show affected her, Mackay responded that she did not mind them at all. Mackay believes a guy would still be into a girl even though the most beautiful girl in the world enters the picture.

“I just thought, if you’re worried about two random girls coming in at this stage of the game then obviously you’re doubting your connection with Sam. You’re either supposed to be with Sam or you’re not supposed to be with Sam. If he chooses someone else, he chooses someone else,” Mackay explained.

Meanwhile, Mackay has revealed in a Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) report that she almost quit “The Bachelor Australia” Season 3 because she realised that Wood is not on the same page with her. Mackay decided to stay on the show after believing that the two of them could still get through.

However, things did not really work out and Mackay was eliminated during the rose ceremony on Wednesday night. In the finale of “The Bachelor Australia” Season 3 on Thursday night, Wood had to choose between Lana Jeavons-Fellows and Snezana Markoski.

Markoski, a 34-year-old single mum from Perth, came out as the Bachelor winner this 2015 after Wood professed his love on national television. Wood, a 35-year-old fitness entrepreneur, told Markoski that he has fallen madly in love with her and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

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