It is "The Bachelor, Australia" finale tonight. A girl will shed tears of joy and another girl's heart will be broken. Tim Robards, the 30-year-old chiropractor, will be giving the final rose to either Anna or Rochelle.

Anna is the favourite but Rochelle has emerged as a top contender. Rochelle slowly opened-up and expressed her feelings for Tim, while Anna has held back and has yet to tell Tim about her true feelings for him. We believe Rochelle might get the last rose. Tim has a huge crush on Anna but the boy needs a sign that Anna is also into him for real, which Anna is not ready to give.

Tim's mom, Tanya, looks like is happy with her boy's final choice. She said to that it was difficult keeping to herself whom did Tim choose in the final. "Right at the minute, it's a bit hard, but I've impressed myself that I was able to keep the secret this long,"

Tanya also revealed that her son is "handling himself really well." Talking about the proposal, Tim's mom told iVillage: "My own personal view is it's too soon to make that commitment. If Tim did do that it would be his choice and he would work with that whatever that was."

"I think certainly there's potential for them (Tim and the girl) to both make the most of the situation, without a doubt. We're very, very happy."

What to Expect from Final Episodes:

The two girls will be meeting Tim's family. Tim's mom will have her one to one session with both Anna and Rochelle. She wants to know whether they love her son or not. The 23 bachelorettes will return with their bag-full of questions to make Tim squirm. Jolene will be back, too. In the premiere episode, Jolene had attacked the first impression rose given to one of the contestants by Tim. She had snapped the rose into two. We may get to see Tim in a deep, thoughtful mood, trying to make the correct decision.

Tim will be live tweeting during the finale tonight. You can follow him at And, "The Bachelor, Australia" is all set to return in 2014 for its second season.