It is Anna Vs Rochelle in the final of "The Bachelor, Australia." It is time for the first Australian Bachelor, Tim Robarts, to make his final decision. He has a crush on Anna and sees Rochelle as a seductive temptress.

Anna, 26, is a lawyer and she never had a serious relationship and is seeking true love. Rochelle, 27, is a model and in the beginning of this year, she ended her relationship of three-and-a-half years. Rochelle says that Tim deserves true and he will find that with her.

Tim believes that both the girls have opened up because of him. He wants to give the final rose to the one, with whom he sees a possibility of love happening. In the previous episode, Tim wanted to know Anna's true feelings for him and she did not give him an answer that he wanted to hear. Rochelle is more open about her feelings and conveyed that through her poem. Who do you think Tim will give the final rose to? Is it Anna or Rochelle? We are placing out bets on Rochelle.

In the previous episode, Tim said goodbye to Alison. Alison's profile page says that she is a real estate agent. She stuck to that throughout her time in "The Bachelor, Australia" and also in the interviews given after her exit from the reality show.

The Australian reports that Alison may not have said the truth about her profession. Citing an insider, reports that she may have had worked as receptionist at a real-estate firm for a while, but she was not an agent.

The Australian reports that like Rochelle, Alison also had participated in a beauty pageant. When Tim came to know about Rochelle's beauty pageant past, he was shocked and wondered why Rochelle did not tell him about that. It does not make sense why Alison's past was not completely disclosed like Rochelle's.

In an interview with the Adelaide Advertiser in 2011, Alison had said, as quoted by The Australian, "I also love the whole pageant scene, where you can bring beauty, intelligence and that adventurous side all together. It's very exciting to be a part of it."

The Australian reports that 24 hours after she stepped out of "The Bachelor, Australia," Alison's website came-up. The link of the site no longer works. According to The Australian, the site featured "underwear-clad shots, glamour pics and full-size background image of her lying in a skimpy bikini on the beach."

The site described her as "actor, singer, presenter and personality." The Australian says that there was no mention of being a real estate agent. Also, Alison starred in a short-film, "Kite-Running" and was a presenter on presenter "Here's Humphrey," a children's show.