'Australia’s Biggest Loser' Announces Winner on Wikipedia - Later Revealed as Hoax

By @Ze_Charm on

One of the biggest TV franchises (pun intended), the "Biggest Loser," aired not more than a few weeks but the winner of the reality show was posted by the free-content website, Wikipedia according to news.com.au. According to the news site, the 17 year old Caitlin Murray topped the reality show after having lost a body mass of 48.12%

However, upon closer scrutiny on the information-sharing site, other weigh-in results of other Hollywood actors such as Hilary Duff, Seth Rogen and Whoopi Golderg were also featured. According to the multiple leader boards, Duff lost a body weight of 42.92%, which would, in real life, left her in such an emaciated state. These Hollywood stars were not the only ones to be featured on the mother leader board-apparently, Al Pacino, Janet Jackson and Robbie Williams were also featured on the leader board.

The management instantly took down the confusing data on Wikipedia. They commented on the issue saying that anyone who saw the data on the free-content site was completely deceived; the information was not factual according to the management. In addition, the management was quick to issue that the Hollywood stars did not partake in any form in the reality show (although they were open to join the program).

Meanwhile, "Biggest Loser's" Cal gorged down a staggering 3019 amount of calories on temptation night, where he is said to have feasted on a steak sandwich, hotdog with a large cup of soda. His fellow contestants looked violated as Cal gobbled down the high in calories food. While Cal might have won the pot money of $30,000, he has lost the respect of his equally striving hard teammates.

Cal, however, remained unbothered by the incident claiming that he needed the money because he was currently building a house for his family. Cal's teammates were largely disappointed because the pot money was to be deducted from their town fund.

According to Cal "'It doesn't sit lightly, but $30,000 is a big help. I'm building a house at the moment. I've got a massive decision to make now; which is more important to me the people of Ararat or my own family."